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Full Version: curl_urls.txt update without restart
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I have the following as in my curl_urls.txt:

* http://dl.xonotic.co/

So basically I only host the maps unavailable on dl.xonotic.co, which has way better serving capacity than my machine.

When I want to add a map that's hosted on dl.xonotic.co, I do this:

1. Place the map file into the right folder
2. type fs_rescan in the console

However, if I want to add a map that's not available on dl.xonotic.co, I'll have to do the above, plus

3. add a line to curl_urls.txt
4. restart the server

Is there a way to have the server re-read curl_urls.txt without restarting it?
Anyway, so far I'm solving this problem by configuring the file server to re-direct. Not an in-xonotic solution but it works for now.