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Getting your maps tested - Dokujisan - 03-18-2010

Team Xonotic highly suggests that mappers get their maps tested and reviewed by other editors and players before they release a version 1 of their map. This results in a higher success rate with map releases and offers better maps for the community to use.

To get started, it's best to join the IRC channel #xonotic.editing on irc.quakenet.org. When you are in that channel, you can request your map to be tested. It is likely that someone will be available to post your map on a testing server and others will go to that server to check the current development version of map out and give you some feedback.

This feedback loop has proven to be very useful for mappers and it is something that we always encourage. If you have anymore questions, you can ask it in the IRC channel, but make sure to search the Xonotic - Editing forum and the Xonotic Wiki first.

As always, we thank you for your contribution to the project.

Team Xonotic.