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Inspiration / Movie Contest - Bundy - 09-22-2010

The TEK9 Movie Contest is in the voting period. Enjoy watching them:

coloris 2
Sensual Memories (not a fragmovie!)
The Gate Keepers

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RE: Inspiration / Movie Contest - kuniu the frogg - 09-23-2010

i like first 2 minutes of OMG2, then music begins to suck which ruins the final effect imo, good editing though.

but Sensual Memories... Simply A M A Z I N G !!!

RE: Inspiration / Movie Contest - Sepelio - 09-23-2010

Sensual Memories should quite blatantly win

RE: Inspiration / Movie Contest - Roanoke - 09-23-2010

I immediately thought that Coloris's soundtrack sounded she-esque, which is always great (and the track is by she).

There was a lot of editing, and I prefer more unadulterated game footage.

The warsow one was good, and so was sensual memories.

RE: Inspiration / Movie Contest - Friskydingo - 09-24-2010

Coloris 2, simply put, is simply badass.

How I love thee, Quake? Let me count the ways...