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HUD Editing Glitch - Replicating Cursor - Friskydingo - 10-01-2010

Hello, fellow Xonotic-ers!

In case you are wondering, I am posting this here because the Bug Report forum isn't letting me create new threads there. Huh

Anyway, I have found a small bug in the GIT build. There is a graphics bug in the HUD editor where the cursor duplicates. You can probably reproduce these results yourself. Go into the HUD edit mode, move your cursor into a spot where the HUD Background options dialog will not cover your cursor, then hit ESC. You should have a still snapshot of your cursor which still off to the side of the screen where you left it, but if you drag your mouse around, the cursor will duplicate and you will have two: one moving around, and one still, non-responsive one. If you hit ESC again to quit out of the Options dialog, your second cursor will disappear and the previously frozen first cursor will be operational again.

I hope I am explaining this right. Blush
Here's a screenshot of the bug:

[Image: dt-1412859849464.png]

EDIT: Bug reported on dev tracker.