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Second music poll - divVerent - 10-02-2010

Please choose among the music tracks (please hear them first) whether you want them in the game (for background music on maps). Please simply check all tracks you like (more than one allowed).

In this poll, 22 tracks are posed. Once the poll is over, we will sort them by the number of votes for each track, and decide based on that which tracks will get accepted/recommended, which will have another chance in a future poll, and which will be considered rejected.

Please cast your votes here!

PS: You can find more information about the tracks on http://dev.xonotic.org/projects/xonotic/wiki/Music_contributions

RE: Second music poll - divVerent - 10-10-2010

BTW, as it apparently is not shown: the poll expires on the 23th of October, 2010.

RE: Second music poll - divVerent - 11-15-2010

Sorry for the late reply. The following tracks have won:

inner-peace 22 7.36%
zzzzz 22 7.36%
variable 21 7.02%
sixtyfour_ 21 7.02%
traveler 20 6.69%
sensation3 20 6.69%

Congratulations to sc0rp, chooksta and blkrbt!

The following tracks will appear in the next poll again:

also-t 19 6.35%
the-wall 18 6.02%
23.8 13 4.35%
draswa 13 4.35%
the-laws-of-physics 12 4.01%
afterlife 11 3.68%
29.4 11 3.68%

The others are rejected by the community for now, but may be reconsidered after changes.

Thanks for voting!