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everything is not forever - jacob - 10-04-2010

over the years i have noticed that less and less people play free game,
like tremulous that game was awesome, alien arena is dead or almost dead,
gunz the duel is dying slowly, and a alot of other games are dying, how can xonotic stay alive with all these new games coming out for xbox 360 and other stuff like that, i am worried that when xonotic is released there won't many people playing and the game will die, can someone tell me how nexuiz became so popular and how did it last so long, and how will xonotic last?

i'm sorry its just i am worried about this

RE: everything is not forever - Cuinnton - 10-04-2010


Here are 2 very popular free online games. In both case they are obsolete to their commercial counterparts in many respects. Imho Xonotic is better than some of its commercial counterpart, and the fan base has never seen alot of public attention compared to other free online games. I don't think there is anything to be worried about. If anything, more and more people are playing free online games as long as they have an adiction factor, which Nexuiz/Xonotic certainly has.

RE: everything is not forever - Lee_Stricklin - 10-04-2010

Xonotic and previous Nexuiz versions have always had a hardcore group of mostly mature players who stumble onto the game by accident (In my case, I was googling ways to play games on Linux) and get hooked. A lot of these players then spread the game around or talk about it and that brings in more players who quite a few of stick around because of the friendly community. It also tops the games it's similar too in MANY areas. It was mostly Linux newbies and word of mouth that made Nexuiz popular and that's what will most likely make Xonotic popular.