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Domination help - nowego4 - 10-05-2010

Some of you may have seen me begging in other parts of the forum about this, but if not, then know my trouble: I have three dom_team entities on my map and one dom_controlpoint. I need to know exactly what to enter for the "cnt" and "netname" spots on two of the dom_team entities (the other I leave blank right?) to achieve a blue and a red team. Right now I have this for red:

cnt 5
netname Red Team

and for blue:

cnt 14
netname Blue Team

and my mapinfo:

type dom 200 20

What am I doing wrong? Why does it give me an error? Sad

RE: Domination help - ThePWTULN - 10-05-2010

What error do you get exactly?

Also you usually have more than one control point in domination - otherwise games would be really boring!

RE: Domination help - nowego4 - 10-05-2010

Thanks to some guys on irc, I got this figured out. I'll share my hard earned secrets so some other noob won't have to go through what I did. Here it goes:

The required Unclaimed:

model models/domination/dom_unclaimed.md3

The Red Team

model models/domination/dom_red.md3
netname ^1Red Team^3
cnt 4

The Blue Team

model models/domination/dom_blue.md3
netname ^4Blue Team^3
cnt 13

The noise sound is the same on all: