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Exporting playermodels? - FruitieX - 10-29-2010

Does anyone have any idea how to properly export playermodels from blender into the .iqm format? I have the exporter, but it seems to want a full list of all animations to be exported in correct order, which I have no interest in starting to guess as there are some 50+ animations per model.

Asking this since I've created a 3rd person animation for the melee attack, if we can't export this the playermodel will just stand still when performing the melee attack in the beta just as before. Sad

RE: Exporting playermodels? - DiaboliK - 11-01-2010

The order of animations is in the framegroups file. So if you add a melee attack you need to add it to QC and make sure its in the correct order in the framegroups file.