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Model -Accuracy correlation - booo - 03-25-2010

Hi all, I am really curious if anybody has made any off-the-record statistics of human accuracy (with hitscan weapons) against different player models. From my 3+ year exp now, i feel that there must be a very strong model/color correlation, which tbh for DM servers is a bit ewww.

Since xonotic now moves towards new player models (as i read in oblivion's post) this is something to be taken into account. Like most female nex models (except the
hunchback of notre dame one,) are really harder to hit.(the quaketoon including).

I totally respect that it gives a wide theme variety and enhances the game looks, and that this way all the artists endeavors are nicely illustrated but my eyes really hurt with grey/dark colors in DM sometimes, i cannot blame ppl for tweaking their settings to spot players more easily : )

RE: Model -Accuracy correlation - tZork - 03-25-2010

Hey booo, funny you mention that as i was thinking abt the same thing, afaik no such study has been made. Personally i have much worse a time with ppl in gray/midbrown color then any particular model. I am fairly confident we will get good and reasonably equal visibility out of the new stock models tough. the playermodel coloring system are undergoing some changes too Wink

RE: Model -Accuracy correlation - Erusavion - 03-25-2010

Fantastic. I was hoping to hear something about this. I'm glad to see that it'll be put into account.