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ADMIN Question for ya ... - {BB} KnifE - 11-05-2010

O.K. , first off, I have ran cod / cod2 / UO / cod4 servers and have opperated our clan for the last 4 years now .

I run 4 in house cod4 servers off my private machine and am now running a NexuiZ server as well off of it .

I also designed our website, code all of the HTML and run an apache server off of my machine for our MOD redirects .

I also MOD cod4 and make skins ect for our clan .

Hopefully this brings across the point I'm not retarded ... Tongue

Now ...

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to kick or ban someone on this game .

I log in with my RCON password into the console like so

rcon_password xxxx

Then ....


Then ....

kick #4

Nothing happens ...

If I do this ... rcon_password xxxx kick #4

Nothing happens ...

If I do it in game in console, it does not work either .

Heres my .cfg ...

*********** Public Info ************

sv_public 1

sv_status_privacy 1

hostname "{BB} Blood Brothers USA"

sv_motd "^1Visit us @ http://bbknife.webs.com/"

maxplayers 18

sv_hostname "{BB} Blood Brothers USA"

set sv_hostname "{BB} Blood Brothers USA"

set ex_hostname "{BB} Blood Brothers USA"

*********** Server settings ************

log_file "server.log"

port 26001

rcon_password "xxxx"
rcon_restricted_password "xxxx"
rcon_secure "0"

sys_ticrate 0.03125 // how long a server frame is. 0.05 = 20 fps, 0.02 = 50 fps. Lower settings makes things smoother but create much more traffic (known good values include: 0.05, 0.046875, 0.03125)
sv_maxrate 1000000 // limits client connections to this rate in bytes/seconds

g_antilag 1 // 0 to disable the antilag feature, 1 and 2 use different methods

// see Docs/mapdownload.txt for more info
sv_curl_defaulturl http://www.nexuiz.com/contentdownload/getmap.php?file= //fallback download URL

set g_ban_sync_uri "" // sync bans using this ban list provider (disabled by default, uncomment this line to enable)

timelimit_override "20"
fraglimit_override "50"
capturelimit_override "5"
g_ctf_win_mode "1"
g_balance_teams "1"

************ Map control ****************

gametype "dm"

g_maplist ""
g_maplist_shuffle "1"
g_maplist_mostrecent_count "0"

*************** Voting *******************

sv_vote_call 0

g_maplist_votable 9

sv_vote_commands "restart fraglimit chmap gotomap endmatch reducematchtime extendmatchtime allready kick cointoss movetoteam_auto" // players can vote for those commands or use them if they are masters. You can also add 'g_grappling_hook' for hook voting, and 'sv_defaultplayer_fbskin_green sv_defaultplayer_fbskin_red sv_defaultplayer_fbskin_orange sv_defaultplayer_fbskin_off' for fbskin voting.

sv_vote_master_password "xxxx"

************ Weapon control **************

g_laserguided_missile 1 // set to 1 for laser guided missiles in the RL

g_jetpack "1"
g_jetpack_fuel "0"

g_turrets "1"
g_pickup_items "1"

g_start_weapon_shotgun "1"
g_start_weapon_hook "0"
g_start_weapon_uzi "1"
g_start_weapon_campingrifle "1"
g_start_weapon_hlac "1"
g_start_weapon_seeker "1"
//g_start_weapon_minstanex "1"

g_start_weapon_hagar "1"
g_start_weapon_nex "1"
g_start_weapon_laser "1"
g_start_weapon_grenadelauncher "1"
g_start_weapon_electro "1"
g_start_weapon_crylink "1"

g_start_ammo_cells "999"
g_start_ammo_fuel "999"
g_start_ammo_nails "999"
g_start_ammo_rockets "999"

g_weaponrespawn "5"

***************** Mutators *****************

// enable some mutators you'd like
//g_cloaked 0 // set to 1 for transparent hard to see players
g_footsteps 1 // set to 1 to enable footsteps
g_grappling_hook 0 // set to 1 to enable the hook
//g_laserguided_missile 0 // set to 1 for laser guided missiles in the RL
//g_midair 0 // set to 1 to make only midair damage count
//g_vampire 0 // set to 1 to give players the damage they cause as health
sv_gravity 400 // for low gravity, set this somewhere between 50 and 400

bot_number "2" // number of bots to add
skill "2" // the bots skill level
minplayers "3" // add bots if less then that number of players playing.
bot_prefix "[BOT]" // prepend this to all botnames
bot_suffix "" // append this to all botnames
g_maplist_check_waypoints "1" // set this to 1 to skip maps without waypoints if there aren't enough players to play without bots

****************** Messages *******************

set help_loop "1"

set help_cfg_nick "^2Help System"

set help_cfg_time "15"

set help_cfg_prefix "^2"

set help_msg_count "5"

set help_msg_0 "Welcome to {BB} Blood Brothers USA"

set help_msg_1 "NO Swearing or offensive Language !!!"

set help_msg_2 "NO Cheats or HAX !!!"

set help_msg_3 "Please Play respectfully and fair ."

set help_msg_4 "Thank you for Playing ."

set help_msg_5 "{BB} Blood Brothers 2007 - 2010"

Also, my messages do not work unless I load them via RCON11 .

So ADMIN control does not work, messages do not work .

I'm stumped ... Huh

Any help would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance .

RE: ADMIN Question for ya ... - Mirio - 11-05-2010

you need to write "rcon" infront of the cmds!

rcon kick # 4
<- space between # and number.
Ban would be "kickban"

RE: ADMIN Question for ya ... - {BB} KnifE - 11-06-2010

(11-05-2010, 12:10 PM)Mirio Wrote: you need to write "rcon" infront of the cmds!

rcon kick # 4
<- space between # and number.
Ban would be "kickban"

Still does not work, maybe I cannot kick myself ?

dunno ...

Have not tried it on a clan mate yet Big Grin

Also, where is my banlist at in the program files ?

I cant find a single thing that looks like a ban list .

Also, none of the messages work through my .cfg, only the RCON11 tool .

RE: ADMIN Question for ya ... - Spaceman - 11-07-2010

To test if rcon is working use
rcon status
this will give you a list of clients connected, slot numbers and their IP's.

If you don't have ant spam from the server then you have a problem with your rcon setup!

Check your client and server time are in sync. There is a cvar that sets the time discrepancy.

RE: ADMIN Question for ya ... - Dokujisan - 11-07-2010

It looks like you're missing rcon_secure 0 (on the clientside) before setting rcon_password