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[Will.It.Blend] Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t & Ubuntu - Minkovsky - 11-10-2010

Well, that is the question. I've found that 10.10 would work on this little bugger, but it still won't say much about user experience. Have you tried the combination? Is installing Linux worth it?

This computer will be mostly used in lessons, so I'll also ask two more questions:

Is there an option for a (cheap) stylus?
Does Linux have a "maths input panel" or touch-based input methods?

Thanks for all the answers.

RE: [Will.It.Blend] Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t & Ubuntu - Spaceman - 11-11-2010

I wish I could answer your questions. You have presented some very important queries that demand satisfaction of the highest order.

Maybe Google can answer the underlying thrust of your inquiry but the dealing with the subtly needs an expert with significant skill. I hope for the sake of this universe and all that it holds you receive an answer in a timely manner.