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assault test (US server is now avaiable) - Cortez666 - 11-22-2010

The Assault Code is for quiet some time available. There only has been one try to gather some attention to this mode, it failed because there where just 2 test maps.
This needs to be changed! Smile Its planned that every game mode gets at least one supported map. For all other modes its simple because you can rely on the experiences from nexuiz.
There arent any real experiences for the assault mode. One reason is that there are no maps. SavageX started a map some time ago, which contains the basic stuff like objectives, layout and so on. I continued his work over the last days and added more items some details to the gameplay. The map is now in a beta state and need gameplay testing to correct mistakes and optimize it.
Thats why i started the thread. Fruitiex added the map today on the NL Balance server, with 'vcall assault' you can change the server to assault. There is only this single map, so it automatically switches the map.

I would like to set a fixed time, so more people are available.
I planned some testing for this Wednesday at 8pm GMT +1 ,if you want to participate just join. Smile

SavageX improved the gameplay a lot this week. He also realised many suggestions, so it is time for the 2nd testing round Smile !
This it will happen this thursday, again around 8pm gmt +1. The server is again the [NL]balance test server.
Hopefully it will be such a success as the first one.

BIG NEWS for the us people:
-z- will set up an assault server, so you will be able to test it too.
US server is available us.testing.xonotic.org:26003

RE: assault test - PinkRobot - 11-23-2010

I will try to be there Cortez, a very good initiative on your part!

RE: assault test - Halogene - 11-23-2010

That sounds like a good idea indeed. Never really liked the concept idea of assault gameplay, but maybe it's fun - gotta try it out before I make up my mind :o)

If I can make it, I'll be there too. Maybe around 9 pm GMT+1.

RE: assault test - Cortez666 - 11-23-2010

(11-23-2010, 04:50 AM)Halogene Wrote: If I can make it, I'll be there too. Maybe around 9 pm GMT+1.

when you show up later it wont be a problem

RE: assault test - kojn^ - 11-23-2010

I'll be there for sure.

Halogene, it's really a very very good gamemode.

RE: assault test - Halogene - 11-23-2010

I am more into 1on1 these days, I find it hard and am a bit lazy to coordinate teamplay in any serious manner, especially with a so fast-paced game as Xonotic (is supposed to become). But I am curious and open for new experiences.

RE: assault test - FruitieX - 11-23-2010

(11-23-2010, 07:27 AM)Halogene Wrote: I am more into 1on1 these days, I find it hard and am a bit lazy to coordinate teamplay in any serious manner, especially with a so fast-paced game as Xonotic (is supposed to become). But I am curious and open for new experiences.

I do agree somewhat with that, but have to state that from all testing so far, it SEEMS much more important to actually stick together with your teammates than before in Nexuiz.

RE: assault test - ThePWTULN - 11-23-2010

I'll try to be there too. If things go well I might as well develop my map concept Smile

RE: assault test - kojn^ - 11-23-2010

Fast-paced is a term I don't like around here, everyone presumes it means you have to run around like a maniac constantly, doesn't make a good game. UT is fast-paced but it's movement mechanics are slower then xonotic, except for dodge for example.

Anyway, looking forward to it tomorrow cortez.

RE: assault test - Flying Steel - 11-23-2010

Good initiative, which assault gameplay much deserves.

RE: assault test - Mirio - 11-23-2010

I will be there if I have some free time there.

RE: assault test - Cortez666 - 11-24-2010

We will start in about 2h!

Just join [NL] Xonotic balance testing server

RE: assault test - Cortez666 - 11-24-2010

We just started!

RE: assault test - Mirio - 11-24-2010

Success! Was fun. Smile

RE: assault test - Cortez666 - 11-24-2010

The testing was quiet successful.

First we got some problems, because the server crashed after sometime. FruitieX fixed during the test.
The testing it self was a lot of fun. Many people, where there and we many strengths and weaknesses of the map.

Some things which need to be improved on the map are:
- different weapon placement (a single pickup that provides multiple items)
- additional ammo in the hangers
- an additional objective between the final one and the current ones

feel free to add things, which are missing or need to be changed in your opinion!

RE: assault test - Mirio - 11-24-2010

You need to make it impossible the stay behind the final object and shoot it from there.
Maybe some invisible wall like at Facing Worlds between the object and the platform.

RE: assault test - Halogene - 11-25-2010

I liked it, too. The map could need some more detail, especially in the center room you always have to trespass. Some boxes or other detail that would a) make quick trespassing a bit more of a challenge, and b) allow for avoiding enemy fire. The obstacles shouldn't be high enough to completely hide behind them (except maybe only a very few of them), so getting hit is just a bit more tricky if you move on the lower level and very easy if you move on the upper level (on the boxes/whatever) which again should be hard to do really fast.

The idea of an additional objective makes sense to me, you should also have shorter time spans to achieve an objective.

Overall the assault gameplay proved to be quite enjoyable and a truly added value for Xonotic.

RE: assault test - kojn^ - 11-25-2010

Yes cortez, like a 'ammo-locker' that you just bump into and it gives you all the weapons at once. I don't think this is needed on everymap, I think it should be a mapper's decision.

Weaponstay is definitely needed ON though without a doubt and makes it much more fun.

The gamemode also needs some kind of announcement/texts that flash up on the screen, when an objective is destroyed, or activated etc, so that we are aware of it, at the moment only the 'text' graphics of the 'destroy' icon's tell you and it's hard to even tell there destroyed when your fighting until a minute later!

For the map we tested 'techassault' I would say it's ok at the moment personally, I think the first objective should just be a breach of the corridor, maybe you could make the attacking team then spawn where the defenders start, and the defender's get a new spawn inside the rooms with the crates/objectives that need to be destroyed - computer terminals or whatever they are, that's the only thing i'd suggest or just leave the map as it is but add the corridor breach part..

Perhaps but a door there that needs to be destroyed half way down that the attackers need to destroy just so the defenders can actually grab weapons and get down to the corridor intime, at the moment it's pretty tight if you have a very fast attacker.

Maybe a text/announcer to say 'corridor breached by attackers' or something like that when it first get's breached when they get past a certain point (probably after where the corridor splits and you can go left or right into the main big room).

Just small things like that, but in general the game-mode is terrific fun, can't wait to play some clan games and tactics on the map, as it will take a while for people to learn where to defend/how Smile

I will link some ut2004/UT assault videos here when I get backhome to give examples of text/announcer, and also can showcase how some of the maps work for players.

Overall it was a good success, and will make for a really good gamemode in the future once more maps get developed.

RE: assault test - FruitieX - 11-25-2010

This was fun: [Image: mj3a6kriihtdbhxurag_thumb.jpg]
Thanks everyone! Big Grin

RE: assault test - CrrazzyRulezz - 11-25-2010

[Image: aeb2caos74zdthl8azs.jpg]

franco played too much deathmatch. fllllyyyyy

btw. was really fun with so many people.
some more messages if somebody is destroying the base and maybe more communication.
we need an ingame voice function for coordination and for flames ...

RE: assault test - kojn^ - 11-25-2010

Well, 5v5 was just right, the game mode will only get better once people are able to play it and understand the concept better Smile

Here are some links to show 'ammo-lockers' in ut2004 and one map design, has announcer/text, and also waypoint markers (which can be turned off also)


UT video showing some more dynamic gameplay then what's possible in UT2004, UT2004 assault mode got made to stop this kind of stuff happening as the original creator said it was breaking the gamemode, but this is how UT assault is played. (chooksta might like this..flyinggggggg).

Shows some big jumps/moves with team-mates and using terrain etc.


RE: assault test - ThePWTULN - 11-25-2010

It was great fun testing assault yesterday Smile

A couple of points I'd like to make:
  • The defenders' starting position is a little too strong (i.e. it has loads of ammo and weapons) In one game the defenders managed to hold the attackers off for the whole 20 mins! The attackers need to have the advantage over the defenders so we can guarantee that they'll complete the objectives (eventually!)
  • There needs to be more corridors, or at least more space. I remember spamming rockets down a corridor with a teammate. It work quite well at holding the attackers back actually Tongue
  • Points distribution wasn't 100% fair. The person who fired the final shot on each objective took all the points, rather than dividing it between everyone who dealt damage.
  • It'd be nice if we had some sort of menu that lists all the objectives and statuses, next to the scoreboard of something.

RE: assault test - kojn^ - 11-25-2010

I don't think they do need to have an advantage, at the end of the day, if you defend better, you defend better, thats just the way it's going to go, the defender's have enough weapons too.

Let's remember this is only the first map though, so let's not try to be too critical Smile

It'd be nice if we had some sort of menu that lists all the objectives and statuses, next to the scoreboard of something. <--- This.

Also, and I forgot about this, need like a one or two second spawn protection, to stop defender's trying to spawnkill if they go to the attacker's spawn, probably 2 seconds is enough, anymore and the attacker can get halfway to the corridor without being hurt.
20 mins may seem too long at the moment, but we may get more complex maps in the future (well almost a certainty). Probably we can set it to 15minutes if people feel 20 is too long too defend.

Anyway, I don't want to take it too far off topic, just glad the gametype has got some news on it Smile

RE: assault test - SavageX - 11-30-2010

By the way, here's a video on what techassault looks like nowadays: http://ompldr.org/vNmNlZA/techassault.ogv

As you can see....

... I suck at movement
... there's now a third objective (you first have to open the doors to the storage area)
... the central room got some detailing

RE: assault test - Halogene - 11-30-2010

Well done!