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chookstamusic.com - chooksta - 12-08-2010

hi guys!

this is up and running now Big Grin

i still have to do stuff for it , but theres a few tunes on it




RE: chookstamusic.com - rainerzufalldererste - 12-08-2010

looks very good, man Wink

RE: chookstamusic.com - Dokujisan - 12-08-2010

Awesome :-)

RE: chookstamusic.com - AnArKiSt - 12-08-2010

Big Grin Nice work, it looks much better than that plain tracklist you used to have.

RE: chookstamusic.com - Cortez666 - 12-08-2010

(12-08-2010, 09:31 AM)chooksta Wrote: i still have to do stuff for it , but theres a few tunes on it

producing more tunes? Tongue

RE: chookstamusic.com - Liquid Sin - 12-09-2010

Very nice chooksta Big Grin

RE: chookstamusic.com - chooksta - 12-09-2010

ty! Big Grin


RE: chookstamusic.com - unfa - 12-09-2010

Nice, chooksta! Big Grin I sucked the feed. Gotta be feeding my brain with yar tunez! I think I'am gonna get some nice domain and setup such a page too. A friend of mine can help. He's a web geek.

Keep up the good stuff! Big Grin

RE: chookstamusic.com - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 12-09-2010

Yaaay! Big Grin

RE: chookstamusic.com - _para - 12-09-2010

haha cool SENSATION3 remembers me in xfiles themetune cool Big Grin i like the xfiles tune Big Grin

which program fo you use?

RE: chookstamusic.com - chooksta - 12-10-2010

ableton live!


good fun , and easy to use , when ya get used to it