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[MAP]The Iron Heart v2 - Cortez666 - 12-08-2010

A small 1on1 map. Another remake from quake. Enjoy!

[Image: i3s84d2zna4jffmll8ln_thumb.jpg][Image: x0knph9r5xgqjx8t7kyg_thumb.jpg]
[Image: a0r6c6v9ua8a43khns1_thumb.jpg][Image: twzebyfyrylmim1w669_thumb.jpg]


RE: [MAP]The Iron Heart - Rage_ATWM - 12-09-2010

No nexgun?

RE: [MAP]The Iron Heart - Sir Emeth Mimetes - 12-09-2010

I like it. Especially the weapon choices. Smile

Good design. I like the elbow room, complexity, and size. Smile

RE: [MAP]The Iron Heart - Cortez666 - 12-09-2010

(12-09-2010, 05:09 AM)Rage_ATWM Wrote: No nexgun?

Yes because not every map needs a nex! On this map it wont have an effect

RE: [MAP]The Iron Heart - Cortez666 - 02-20-2011


- i changed the item placement a bit to make it harder to dominate this map