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PlanetXonotic.de server - esteel - 03-26-2010

Currently admined by GreenMarine and myself. The homepage still points to the old PlanetN*x*i*.de page but i hope with the change to Xonotic there will be new content soon.


If there are problems or suggestions please tell us here or on irc.

RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - Halogene - 03-26-2010

Yesterday I tried to join but couldn't. I was able to connect, saw the map, but couldn't join. Others had the same problem. I am using a Nexuiz (SVN) Client, obviously :o) are Nexuiz Clients disallowed already?

This brings me to another question: shouldn't there be a grace period during which Xonotic supports Nexuiz Clients by providing compat packages?

RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - esteel - 03-26-2010

Strange.. i'll look into it. PX.de is still running 2.5.2 for the Ladder and TDM server and the latest Nex svn for CTF, FFS server. So players should be able to connect without problems. Which one did you try to connect to?

And that other question will depend on how the 1.0 release is done. Most probably Xonotic will register at the master server with that name, meaning that its a totally different game to the master server. Thus neither players will "see" the other servers.

RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - Halogene - 03-26-2010

I'll re-check it once I find some spare time.

As for the other question I'd wish there was a way to register to the master server in a way that you can see it with a Nexuiz client... at least for some time, so that people who don't know about xonotic (and I meet a lot of players online that don't know about it) know where to go.

RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - Ang - 03-26-2010

Hmm. I wish Xonotic had a Windows executable.. or does it already?

RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - esteel - 03-27-2010

If you get it to compile there will be Tongue
But there is not pre-build version for neither of the systems.

But as i said, the servers are still running nex till there is a Xonotic release or a beta release

RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - Ang - 03-27-2010

Ah I see, understand now Smile

RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - Halogene - 03-27-2010

Yep, Planetnexuiz is there, I can connect and see the map but the server doesn't let me join.

I am using latest SVN client (Nexuiz).

RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - CrrazzyRulezz - 03-28-2010

Hey halogene

i joined the server for a couple minutes and had the same problem with the map hydronex.
game was over and i couldnt join.

after that i tried to make a vcall
and changed the map - gotomap dance and it worked

i can play now. maybe it was the same map since yesterday and it works now ? im not sure. for me its allright nowWink



RE: PlanetXonotic.de server - esteel - 03-30-2010

I reverted all servers back to 2.5.2 .. hope that helps as i'm a bit short on time this week so i can't look for the real reason of those problems.