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Bugs in Bugs - nowego4 - 12-26-2010

First bug: I got an error page when I tried to make a new bug thread. Said I don't have permission, or I've been banned, or I'm still awaiting activation or moderation.

Second bug: When someone else uses electro, their player model (but not their hitbox) freezes where they turned it on, so they're invisible while it's on and you have to aim where the beam begins. I'm on a iMac intel core duo, v10.5.8. This happens on all servers except FruitieX's [NL] server. Other people say the same thing happens when I use electro.


RE: Bugs in Bugs - FruitieX - 12-26-2010

#2 has been fixed in latest git. Smile

RE: Bugs in Bugs - nowego4 - 03-17-2011

Latest complaint: in CA if you die in the last round you don't get to see your score. Possible to add stats for spectators?

RE: Bugs in Bugs - nowego4 - 05-31-2011

Latest discovery: message2 doesn't work.

When you have two weapons of same ammo type but different usage patterns, it's possible to get the guns to just switch back and forth by holding the fire button.

Curved patches with clip textures act like noimpact, caulk works better.