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FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 12-27-2010

Today I made my FIRST working Map!

I hope that I'll upload some screenshots tomorrow Wink
I hope you like it Wink

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - Rage_ATWM - 12-27-2010

Interesting map.
Ok, visually speaking, there is still some work to do.
But I like very much its enclosed structure. Could perfectly fit for 2v2 i guess.
Nice work.

2 potential problems:
- it is possible to jump from a balcony to the other one, so it allows to make some caps in less than 5 sec . Maybe, by inserting something in between in the air, or by lowering the roof level, you could avoid this.
- the large rectangle windows allow to spam flag bases a lot.

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 12-28-2010

thank you!

here some screenshots

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 12-28-2010

Version 2


RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - nowego4 - 12-28-2010

I'm going to have a long list of suggestions, just remember that's all they are and you have a very good structure.
• The map is very center strong, I think this is caused by the two mega armors and Nex and quad all being there. Try replacing the megas with a 50 health on one side and a 50 armor on the other.
• With two Rifles on a map this size, I would consider replacing the Nex with a RL.
• The quad can be reached by anybody who just happens to be there at the right time. I would put it next to the ceiling so a laserjump is required to get it.
• If you add the RL, it'll need ammo. You could put all different kinds of ammo on the shelf where the 5hp healths and armor shards are, moving these to the base.
• I don't think you need the angled invisible jumpad at the top of the shaft. Sometimes it malfunctions and hit you twice or something. Just make it like the jumpad in Stormkeep, the one next to the strength. Put the target for the bottom jumpad on the edge, so it will shoot you up to that and then your momentum will carry you past the edge.
• Something to let people know that there's a jumpad there. Doesn't need to be a model or anything, maybe a grate or a weapon spawn circle.
• Some ramp trim would be nice. Texture it with steel or wood, something to break up the stone.

Again, just suggestions, what I would like to see. Could be personal preference.

Really like the triangles in the middle. Smile
Ok, tried beta 2.

Managed 5.58 cap.

Two RLs? KaBlooiE! Isn't that a bit much?

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 12-28-2010

thank you! I'll look after the map again! Wink

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - nowego4 - 12-28-2010

You don't have to re-release the map after each person tells you what they want Smile

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 12-28-2010

Next Version Big Grin


RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - Rage_ATWM - 12-28-2010

I tried the V3:

- The textures you added in the side areas are nice. They provide a good spriritual atmosphere to the map (btw, i'm not sure this fully fits with the whole xonotic theme...). Now, the rest of the map is still pretty "raw". The trap would be to map the whole core area with complex textures, because it would break the good overall visibility. Some tradeoff has to be found imo.

- The two bases roughly look like greek temples. This could be nice to add triangle roofs, something like:
[Image: greek_temple.jpg]

- the teleporter bugs quite often. I guess the solution would be to make the effective jumping area smaller than the vertical tunnel.

It would be useful that some ctf pros give some gameplay inputs.

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - Cortez666 - 12-28-2010

if you dont use any additional textures, which require shaders you dont have to add a scripts folder.

In the map folder are just...
- the folder
- the mapinfo file
- the map file
- the bsp file
and the map screenshot important. you simply can delete the rest.

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - Sepelio - 12-29-2010

By the look of it you have a lot of lights... without light sources! You should try adding in torches or cutting windows/skylights in. If you are going for that temple look that has been suggested, this may work in your favour Smile

Good job so far though! I really quite like the map, its got a lot of potential.

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - kojn^ - 12-29-2010

Look's like it could be a fun 2v2 map Smile

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 12-29-2010

thank you for this big feedback Smile
I'll look after the map again Wink

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - nowego4 - 12-29-2010

That little doorway to get into the bottom of the base has got to be one of the most provocative things I've ever seen. It's almost as provocative as you are dedicated to releasing the map every 5 minutes Big Grin

V3 is much better, down to 1 RL and the jumpad is (mostly) fixed.
I'm personally not a big fan of torches, especially if you can get caught on them. Maybe just glowing orbs (japanese lanterns?) or some glowing alien plants (I think somebody was working on those in the 'Map prop modelers wanted' thread).

I don't think being able to spam the base from the window is a bad thing, because if not for that this map would be very prone to camping.

I don't know if this is a good idea or not (probably not) but you could add a shaft from the Rifle platform down to the base. Or maybe a one way teleporter. Definitely not warpzones or two way teleporters though, this would make it to easy to get out.

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 01-01-2011

Update: (only screenshots)
[attachment=345] these lights?
[attachment=346] I don't like them!
[attachment=347] For this light some light object,too?

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - Sepelio - 01-01-2011

When I say skylight, you should be able to see sky Tongue

[Image: skylight.jpg]

So the two black lines are your ceiling brushes, then the blue line would be another brush that is just textured with a skybox texture. Evidently the ceiling brush thickness varies but you get the idea.

The yellow arrows are light.

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 04-03-2011

I started to look at the map again Smile

Does that look nice?
(without HDR, ...)

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - mepper[NoSkillsOnlyLuck] - 04-04-2011

Well, if you ask me, it does.

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - rainerzufalldererste - 04-04-2011

thank you! Wink

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - Sepelio - 04-04-2011

Clearly I was correct, as always Tongue

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - evit - 03-23-2012

(04-03-2011, 09:17 AM)rainerzufalldererste Wrote: I started to look at the map again Smile

Does that look nice?
(without HDR, ...)

This looks very nice! Great work!!! Any plans to put it on the map compile server?

RE: FirstBlood - CTF Map - .Danny. - 03-29-2012

Hmm this reminds me a lot of tomb raider...thumbs up!