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[DM|TDM|CA|Race] minideck_v4r3 - lda17h - 01-03-2011


as the work year has started again, i won't find much more time to work on minideck. So here's the current state.. I made only some minor tweaks since the last version in the suggestions post. Replaced some textures with stock xonotic ones. Changed some brushes..


EDIT: scaled the map by factor 0.9. fits better for xonotic. upload link updated..

[Image: xonotic000047.jpg]

hf & gl

EDIT: License is GPL v2 or later
The race mode in this map is really a joke and just in there for the lulz Big Grin

RE: [DM|TDM|CA|Race] minideck_v4r3 - kojn^ - 01-03-2011

That screenshot looks pretty sweet man!

Next time i'm on shell server we shall play on this Smile

RE: [DM|TDM|CA|Race] minideck_v4r3 - kojn^ - 01-03-2011

This is actually a really really fun re-make because it's so different.

RE: [DM|TDM|CA|Race] minideck_v4r3 - Samual - 01-04-2011

Oh wow this actually looks quite cool even compared to the older map, but well -- A lot of it seems like just a cut/paste for most parts of the map. It's like you took details from a bunch of other maps and just added them all in aimlessly Big Grin

Maybe it would be helpful if someone like Cuinnton or theShadow could check out the map and see if they can improve the overall theme/appearance of the map

Otherwise I definitely like it and will be putting it on my server

BTW divVerent's suggestions for color changes work quite well I think ^_^

RE: [DM|TDM|CA|Race] minideck_v4r3 - lda17h - 01-04-2011

Nah, i won't bother with it anymore. This has cost me too much time already (because NONE of it is copy and paste except for the supports morphed made).. Have fun..

RE: [DM|TDM|CA|Race] minideck_v4r3 - Halogene - 01-04-2011

This looks MUCH better than the screenshots before - good work on that coloring!

RE: [DM|TDM|CA|Race] minideck_v4r3 - -Lo- - 01-04-2011

Looks good, like the geometry

btw, whats the command you use to scale the map?

RE: [DM|TDM|CA|Race] minideck_v4r3 - lda17h - 01-04-2011

q3map2 -scale 0.9 minideck_v4r3.bsp

produces a minideck_v4r3_s.bsp which is the scaled version..