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new game mode: Assassin - luziferius - 01-05-2011

Hi there,
I have a suggestion for a nice game mode called "Assassin".
I've seen it in sauerbraten, but they've removed it some releases ago(maybe because most of the players didn't understand it).

How it works:
  • no teams (DM)
  • you get a randomly chosen target(visible on the minimap and maybe via a big teammate-like marker in red)
  • you only score for fragging your target
  • you dont know your "personal Assassin"

It is somehow a slowed down DM with a "multiplayer 1-on-1" style gameplay.
To prevent the game from being frustrating for someone(target is a real pro) there could be a limited number of tries: when being killed 2 times by your target you get a new one and maybe some penalty(see scores below).

  • simple gameplay (just "kill the target")
  • no need to modify or build new maps
  • different from other modes
  • (maybe) it's simple to "teach" the bots to only attack the target and everyone attacking them
  • offers possibilities for new tactics
  • its not implemented in nearly every fps (like ctf) / more special
  • most players tend to simply frag everyone and then complain why they don't get points, effectively turning a match into some DM-mode with frustrating scores
  • it only works when (nearly) everyone tries to score and not just frag everyone(this applies to all game modes)
  • maybe its not fast enough for a fast-paced shooter
  • simply doesn't work for 2 players (you would always have the same target)
To prevent the game from being turned into a DM game there should be some penalty for just fragging everyone.

(possible) Scores:
  • +5 for killing the target
  • -1 for killing someone else (the mentioned penalty)
  • -2 for getting a new target because of being killed 2 times by the old one
  • +-0 for killing someone who starts to attack you (so that you can defend yourself without loosing points)
i hope you like it, i would really like to see (and playWink) it in xonotic

RE: new game mode: Assassin - Cortez666 - 01-05-2011

i miss the vote option 'no,because 15 are enough game modes'

RE: new game mode: Assassin - theShadow - 01-05-2011

this sounds pretty much like assassins creed brotherhood.

RE: new game mode: Assassin - clanclanclan - 01-05-2011

Cortez666 Wrote:i miss the vote option 'no,because 15 are enough game modes'


RE: new game mode: Assassin - Samual - 01-05-2011

I originally was going to code this back in the Nexuiz days (Actually maybe it was divVerent who wanted to do this) when I was looking to expand upon the current game modes... However I decided that this really wasn't worth the frustration of coding and determining how it should be balanced properly. Honestly it just isn't fun enough to be worth it..

Even so/Regardless, instead I say we should improve the game modes we already have (although we really do need to remove some game modes as well, such as rune match... or in the least make it a mutator instead.) and clear that up first BEFORE we think about adding even more game modes. That goes for you too FruitieX Tongue (and your color assimilation game mode).

RE: new game mode: Assassin - tZork - 01-06-2011

Im preddy much 'i dont mind the idea, but nor do i like it enough to code it'. Keep in mind not everything need to be in the official release; you can find/create some modder team to code/debunk this and see how it works out in practice. If it does work well and code base for it is stable & clean you'll have a helluva lot an easier time to convince us grumpy old devs to merge it to main branch Wink

RE: new game mode: Assassin - unfa - 01-06-2011

I like it. I was thinking of something similar some time ago. But it I think it might be a little tricky to code.

As a player I would play this a lot. A nice variation that would make people a bit more gentle playing this game Smile

That's just MHO.

RE: new game mode: Assassin - RedGuff - 02-05-2011

Sorry to be pessimistic, but "how do the game knows that you are attacked first, if you are not injured first?"
Thanks for the idea, but it seems hard to code.
It looks like "hunting":
Maybe "chess mate" could be better to play and easier to make: