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The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - kojn^ - 01-05-2011

Hi people,

A quick breakdown.

What are pickups?

Pickup game's are game's where player's can play against each other in a more experienced/competitive environment, these game's tend to use mumble or teamspeak3 (mumble is the most used at the moment) for communication and run more experienced/comp setting's and maps for better gameplay. Generally the gameplay is of a much higher level then public server's and teamplay is a lot greater, because everyone is communicating and people tend to know when to defend/attack, where to hold positions and how to use the item's.

I hope everyone who plays pickups will post there demo's here and what position they are playing, hopefully people can learn things on map's and I hope it encourages more player's to get playing and how fun organised and communicated game's can be, and hopefully get better with time and help get pickup/clan activity going towards a 1.0 release and player's familiar with the popular pickup maps so we can have good tournament's in preparation for the future and 1.0.

Good quality maps for good 5v5 gameplay TO START OFF WITH: moonstone, attic, courtfun, implosion, geoplanetary, newtonian nightmare. (last 3 not played in pickup yet personally, but have good CTF gameplay).

Hydrophobia still needs to be tested/played on but hopefully it'll be added soon.

Goal is to start off with a small-medium maplist so player's can get used to the maps where and how to defend/attack and so we can can concentrate on learning a small but good quality set of maps.

I will have a short CTF guide up later for these type's of game's just something basic which will explain positions to defend, brief discussion about item's & powerup timing and more, hopefully Dokujisan will put it up once it's done tonight.

To get us started here's my latest demos:

http://kojn.mkzelda.net/kojnPOV_pickup_attic1.dem (Def with a [sh] member I think, defending electro side)

http://kojn.mkzelda.net/kojnPOV_pickup_moonstone1.dem (Midman - FC backup and defensive helper..I normally defend and am not used to this position, first time on this map doing it).

Please post your demo's from pickup games, it'd be nice in the future if we can get a site where we can upload our demo's instead but for now I hope this will encourage activity.

#xonotic.pickup (mainly EU players as EU servers), I hope the US will get something similar going.

More game-mode's to be added in the future, but will need more servers, if anyone can help out let us know.

Lastly a big shout-out and thanks to all player's currently playing, atheros for managing the server and shell clan for hosting the first pickup server.

Get posting your demo's!

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Nesquick - 01-05-2011

We need minsta+hook server on this!

///Nesquick and Mattias

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - kojn^ - 01-05-2011

If someone can host/run a minsta server as I said before, it can be added to the pickup bot and you minsta guy's will be able to organise minsta game's there Smile

You minsta guy's have a lot of server's so i'm sure it won't become a problem, just make sure to set it to private otherwise everyone join's and it become's a right mess to get people to leave/spec who see it in the browser list.

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Debugger - 01-05-2011

As usual I play in these pickups in the last time, too. Smile

Here is my demo from moonstone_nex3
And another one from attic

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Mirio - 01-05-2011

Ok here my demos of the 5v5 CTF games that we played lately. A little overview about teams and results included. We will play(/test) more Xonotic maps as soon they get on the server. Big Grin Moonstone and Attic (Heart) are nice maps for 5v5!
Everyone who wants to get better and play with decent guys should join #xonotic.pickup !! Smile


Position: Attack
Red: [sh]naryl; [sh]atheros; Akari [The Badass Choob]; [sh]lda17h; DMs||Morfar
Blue: [BOT]Mirio; [CON]Sless; DMs||kojn^; ai; [BOT]kuniuthefrogg
Score: Red 3:5 Blue



Position: Attack
Red: [BOT]Mirio; [Die Tunichtguten]Mattias; [Die Tunichtguten]NESQUICK; [PGP]Qz; Akari [The Badass Choob]
Blue: DMs||kojn^; [sh]atheros; [sh]naryl; [MoN]Morphed; [sh]lda17h

Score: Red 0:6 Blue



Position: Attack/Defence (switched)
Red: [unconencted]Debugger; DMs||Morfar; DMs||kojn^; [PGP]Qz; [sh]lda17h
Blue: [sh]atheros; [BOT]Mirio; [sh]waterlaz; [CON]Sless; ai

Score: Red 0:4 Blue



Position: Attack(/Defence from time to time)
Red: Kjioj; [BOT]Mirio; [sh]atheros; [unconnected]Debugger; [Die Tunichtguten]Mattias
Blue: [Die Tunichtguten]NESQUICK; LO; DMs||kojn^; [sh]naryl; [sh]waterlaz

Score: Red 5:1 Blue


RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Akari - 01-06-2011

Now everyone will know how much do I suck at xonotic :(
Anyways, waiting for a minsta+hook CTF ("crazy settings" as Fruit calls it, right?) pickup so I can kick your butts :P

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Nesquick - 01-06-2011

To you evil bastard who posted demos...
I'll repay that, I’ll repay that ten times over, mark my words...

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - kojn^ - 01-07-2011

I added a new folder.

You can now find all my demo's here from CTF Pickups.(They will from now on be time stamped, dd/mm/yy

http://kojn.mkzelda.net/Pickup Games CTF

Uploaded two new one's

kojnPOV_pickup_attic060111.dem (defence) - rather boring game this one, not a lot to defend for first 10 minutes.

kojnPOV_pickup_moonstone060111.dem (attack) - After 1st minute swapped from def to att.

Moonstone is a good watch, as I had some good backup at the middle of the map a few time's due to good comms on mumble..team was unlucky not to get a capture after a 3 man cover back to base.

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - tZork - 01-08-2011

My perspective of above moonstone match. First time i play attic, so not including that Wink


RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Nesquick - 01-08-2011

I played my first CA3v3 tonight... It was the first fun experience I've had so far with all weapons! Big Grin

Even if I'm last on the scoreboard I had fun. Thnx for the games Smile

DEMO 1 Runningman

DEMO 2 Campgrounds

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - tZork - 01-11-2011

Sort of pickup game; that ones remained after the first match. Watch out for the fc fish-kill in the second half Tongue


RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - kojn^ - 01-14-2011

Keep em coming Smile

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - tZork - 01-20-2011

pickup game on attic

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Fisume - 01-21-2011

(01-20-2011, 05:34 PM)tZork Wrote: pickup game on attic

Same game, my POV (you might want to skip the long warmup with 'slowmo 10'):
Download (Omploader)

Score: 5-3


Blue Team


Red Team

shogun assassin

It was an intresting game with good teamwork on both sides.

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Halogene - 01-21-2011

If anybody wants to see my demo of this game too, just drop me a line. My first CTF pickup game, great experience and very cool teamwork I have to say, and I discovered I actually DO need a special bind configuration for CTF (I hadn't set up any of those teamplay communication binds, resulting in me needing to take my hand off my mouse whenever I wanted to tell anybody that I've seen an enemy. Not clever.)...

Was a pleasure to participate in this game, hope to do more of this soon.

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Mirio - 01-25-2011


Position: Defence

Red Team: DMs||kojn^; Halogene; [sh]atheros; [sh]shogun assassin; ThePWTULN

Blue Team: Justin<DM(crAnk)>; [CON]Sless; IrReeL; [BOT]Mirio; [unconnected]Debugger

Score: 1:5

Scoreboard screenshot


Position: Defence/Middle

Red Team: Justin<DM(crAnk)>; [CON]Sless; IrReeL; [BOT]Mirio; [unconnected]Debugger

Blue Team: DMs||kojn^; Halogene; [sh]atheros; [sh]shogun assassin; ThePWTULN

Score: 4:2

Scoreboard screenshot

Note: Video of the mIKEctf2 will come soon.

Good games + fun! Smile

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Sless - 01-26-2011

Same games as Mirio mentioned before.

Demo: Attic on Defense

Demo: MikeCTF on Defense / Middle

yes - same Positions as Mirio played :-)

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Mirio - 01-30-2011


Finally the video of the mIKEctf2 game!

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - kojn^ - 01-30-2011

Nice Smile

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - Mirio - 02-06-2011


Position: Defence

Red Team: Kjioj; [sh]atheros; [sh]waterlaz; nifrek; [BOT]Mirio

Blue Team: fisume^; ai; [BOT]kuniuthefrogg; [BOT]Grunt; [sh]naryl

Score 3:2



Position: Defence

Red Team: Kjioj; [sh]atheros; [sh]waterlaz; nifrek; [BOT]Mirio

Blue Team: fisume^; ai; [BOT]kuniuthefrogg; [BOT]Grunt; [sh]naryl

Score 10:1



Position: Defence

Red Team: Kjioj; [sh]atheros; [sh]waterlaz; nifrek; [BOT]Mirio

Blue Team: fisume^; ai; [BOT]kuniuthefrogg; [BOT]Grunt; [sh]naryl

Score 8:3



Attic was a very close game like usual. Once there was a damn amazing fight for the flag of the Blue team where 3-4 guys of every team met at one place (we had like 4 FCs within some seconds). In the end we needed overtime to find a winner and Red team did it.
mIKEctf2 was some kind of weird from my point of view. Actually it did not feel like that we dominated sooo much. Though I can't get how nifrek got 8 caps. Tongue Blue team seemed a bit unorganized.
And actually on Moonstone I thought red gonna lose this, cause we had a bad start and were good in defence for the first minutes and Blue used that time to get a 2:0 (or was it even 3:0?) lead. But somehow we turned this game into our favour then.
Good games that were fun (for me (results might not look like that)).

RE: The CTF Pickup Demo Thread - kojn^ - 02-06-2011

What I like is..the fact there is no longer a 'dominating' team in pickup, so many underrated player's now in it who SHOULD NOT BE with the experience they are collecting from playing, it is now so hard to know which team will win Smile