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Maps not found - Couch_Potato_MOJOceratops - 01-13-2011


I'm using Ubuntu Maverick 64bit I downloaded the latest build from the repository, compiled and run the program as per the instruction on the nightly page. The program starts fine I can interact with the menus. My problem is when I connect to the server and I get a blank screen. I did search the forums and I did not find my problem. (I have libcurl3 installed) I went and searched through the subfolders looking for maps. I found them in ../xonotic-maps.pk3dir/maps. However when I attempt to connect to a server I get error messages that a map file was not found. I also get a keygen error.
What can I do to rectify this error?


The Couch_Potato-MOJOceratops
Checking out the latest build.