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RE: railgun and morter effect - rafallus - 10-15-2012

I'd like to see those kinds of trails implemented by default, so debate, whether it's cheating or not, is put finally to rest and we can enjoy having more visual effects. There were efforts on making nex beam look more solid, but it didn't seem to go far, I've only seen it on one, maybe two servers.

.. - machine! - 10-15-2012


RE: Maximizing performance - Cyber Killer - 10-15-2012

exec effects-omg.cfg or something like that (tab completion is your friend)

RE: Maximizing performance - asyyy - 10-15-2012


RE: Maximizing performance - machine! - 10-15-2012

Thanks, I'll look into both!

RE: Maximizing performance - Liquid Sin - 10-15-2012

r_sky 0 and r_fullbright 1 work well for me. r_fullbright needs to be allowed server side though with the sv_allow_fullbright command, servers like UDF5 DM should have it enabled.

RE: Maximizing performance - hutty - 10-15-2012

blooooooooooooooooooooom :3


but seriously ... put a cap on the amount of fps you allow (in the max fps settings) ... it makes things smoother ...

RE: Maximizing performance - machine! - 10-16-2012

Yeah, I use a set amount of FPS! Smile

I'll try r_sky and fullbright, thanks for the tip.

I'll ofc enable bloom too! Wink

RE: Maximizing performance - adem - 10-16-2012

fps cfg by me:
"_cl_rate" "66666"
"bgmvolume" "0"
seta "cl_allow_uid2name" "1"
seta "cl_autoscreenshot" "0"
seta "cl_autoswitch" "0"
"cl_beams_instantaimhack" "1"
"cl_bob2cycle" "0"
"cl_bob2smooth" "0"
"cl_bobcycle" "0"
"cl_bobfallcycle" "0"
"cl_bobfallminspeed" "0"
"cl_bobmodel" "0"
"cl_bobmodel_side" "0"
"cl_bobmodel_speed" "0"
"cl_bobmodel_up" "0"
"cl_bobup" "0"
seta "cl_casings" "0"
seta "cl_casings_bronze_time" "0"
seta "cl_casings_shell_time" "24"
"cl_curl_maxdownloads" "5"
"cl_curl_maxspeed" "1500"
seta "cl_damageeffect" "0"
"cl_decals" "0"
"cl_decals_fadetime" "20"
"cl_decals_max" "1024"
"cl_explosions_alpha_end" "1"
"cl_followmodel" "0"
seta "cl_forceplayercolors" "1"
seta "cl_forceplayermodels" "1"
"cl_forwardspeed" "360"
seta "cl_gibs_lifetime" "0"
seta "cl_gibs_maxcount" "1"
"cl_leanmodel" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_side_highpass" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_side_highpass1" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_side_limit" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_side_lowpass" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_side_speed" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_up_highpass" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_up_highpass1" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_up_limit" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_up_lowpass" "0"
"cl_leanmodel_up_speed" "0"
"cl_maxfps" "76"
"cl_minfps" "75"
"cl_minfps_fade" "1337"
"cl_minfps_qualitymax" "0.5"
"cl_minfps_qualitymin" "0.1"
"cl_netfps" "75"
seta "cl_nogibs" "1"
"cl_noplayershadow" "1"
seta "cl_particlegibs" "1"
"cl_particles_blood" "0"
"cl_particles_bubbles" "0"
"cl_particles_bulletimpacts" "0"
"cl_particles_explosions_sparks" "0"
"cl_particles_quality" "0.2"
"cl_particles_rain" "0"
"cl_particles_size" "0.5"
"cl_particles_smoke" "0"
"cl_particles_smoke_alpha" ".1"
"cl_particles_snow" "0"
"cl_particles_sparks" "0"
seta "cl_playerdetailreduction" "9"
seta "cl_reticle" "0"
seta "cl_reticle_item_nex" "0"
"cl_sidespeed" "360"
"cl_smoothviewheight" "0"
"cl_stainmaps" "1"

seta "fraglimit_override" "0"
seta "g_campaign_skill" "0"
seta "g_configversion" "7"
seta "g_maplist_index" "8"
seta "g_waypointsprite_scale" "1.500000"
"gl_max_lightmapsize" "512"
"gl_max_size" "512"
"gl_picmip_sprites" "100"
"gl_picmip_world" "1337"
"gl_texturecompression" "1"
"gl_vbo" "1"
"mod_q3bsp_nolightmaps" "1"
"prvm_language" "ru"
"r_coronas" "0"
"r_depthfirst" "0"
"r_drawdecals_drawdistance" "100"
"r_drawparticles_drawdistance" "500"
"r_dynamic" "0"
"r_enableshadowvolumes" "0"
"r_framedatasize" "32"
"r_fullbrights" "0"
"r_glsl_deluxemapping" "0"
"r_glsl_postprocess_uservec1_enable" "0"
"r_glsl_postprocess_uservec2_enable" "0"
"r_shadow_gloss" "0"
"r_shadow_realtime_dlight" "0"
"r_shadow_usenormalmap" "0"
"r_sky" "0"
"r_skyscroll1" "0"
"r_skyscroll2" "0"
"r_subdivisions_tolerance" "16"
"showdate" "1"
"showfps" "1"
"showtime" "1"
"skill" "10"
seta "timelimit_override" "10"
"v_contrast" "1.100000"
"v_glslgamma" "0"

RE: Maximizing performance - CaptainAhab - 10-16-2012

Adem, you play both Xonotic and Warsow?

Which do you prefer?

RE: Maximizing performance - adem - 10-16-2012

(10-16-2012, 06:06 AM)CaptainAhab Wrote: Adem, you play both Xonotic and Warsow?

Which do you prefer?
Yes, I do play both =) But the last question is rather difficult, my answer is - I prefer CTF in Xonotic and Duel in Warsow, and they both have amazing DeathMatch Big Grin

RE: Maximizing performance - neXus - 10-20-2012

if you're using an nVidia GPU, consider changing the 3d preview from quality to high performance

RE: Maximizing performance - machine! - 10-20-2012

I'm using ATI with Free Software driver.

Weapon Models - kojn^ - 10-28-2012

Are there any different weapon models anywhere (that are textured), for the machine gun and rocket launcher?

RE: Weapon Models - hutty - 10-29-2012


pow ... forum magic ...

RE: Weapon Models - HellYeah - 11-12-2012

I know this is off topic but it's been eating at me:
What does the word kojn mean?

RE: Weapon Models - aa - 11-12-2012

kojn, конь, ьуфты... means male horse in Russian.)

But that's not "it", i think that kojn had something else in mind...

RE: Weapon Models - kojn^ - 11-12-2012

It does indeed mean horse in a few languages it seems. I didn't know that until sometime afterwards though (years in fact). Smile

RE: Weapon Models - HellYeah - 11-12-2012

Ah so, kojn translates to horse

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Phantom745 - 11-21-2012

i wanna download the xonotic source file, compile and run but i dont knwo where to start plus i need to knw the system requirements and the size of the source filesSad

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Mr. Bougo - 11-21-2012

What do you want to do with the sources? Some sources (the code part) are in the release already, but I don't know how exactly to compile them. There is also the git repository which is much much larger (it contains the uncompressed textures and sounds too) and has compile scripts. It's about five gigabytes to download, and it takes about ten gigabytes of disk space.

Instructions for git can be found in the wiki: http://dev.xonotic.org/projects/xonotic/wiki

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Maddin - 11-21-2012

Why don´t you search the internet for it?

How to get the sourcefiles and compile Xonotic from source:

System requirements:

Hah, I see Mr. Bougo was faster... I expected that. Wink

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Phantom745 - 11-24-2012

thanx y'all. @mr Bougo, i want to contribute to the game im already up to the Git repository part and its just too slow to download, plus it always stops before it gets to 30%... 5GB? i to it was just about 2Gb acording to this website http://www.xonotic.ru/node/79

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Mr. Bougo - 11-25-2012

Wow, okay. The page you used was written by me and some other people and was ripped off by xonotic.ru. They forgot to copy the titles and the links, too, so it makes no sense whatsoever. Here's the original, but please don't pay attention to it, it's outdated! http://dev.xonotic.org/projects/xonotic/wiki/Outdated_Compiling_in_Windows. This is very bad because it makes you do stupid things. Could you contact the site admin and tell them that keeping this on the site is not a good idea at all?

Anyway, the 2GB thing dates from at least two years ago, times have changed. Here is a link to the new guide that I wrote not too long ago. But before following it, please undo whatever you did with the other guide (uninstall mingw, msys, msysgit; if you installed xonpatch, you might need more steps to clean the mess up. But since they forgot to link it, I guess you did not.)

New guide: http://dev.xonotic.org/projects/xonotic/wiki/Compiling_in_Windows

Also, you can tell the site admin that they can link to this guide. But they should add a disclaimer that the content comes from a wiki and might be outdated. They should also cite the sources and link to the original page. What they are doing now is immature and irresponsible.

Also, git can seem to get stuck but that's probably because it's downloading a bigger chunk. The progress displayed is the number of chunks it has downloaded, and their size can vary a lot. Just give it time.

EDIT: I mailed the admin.
EDIT: Problem solved, the page on xonotic.ru is now hidden and the new guide might reappear later, translated. Many thanks to the admin Smile

Removal of player models + projectiles possible? - kojn^ - 12-12-2012

Is it possible to remove/hide player models and also projectiles? I am trying out some video effects and I want to record a demo with effectively the player model and any projectiles fired hidden/removed so you'd basically hear but not see them (will turn particles off ao you can't see the trails etc).

Is it possible and if so how to go about doing it, is there any commands etc?