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Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - WTFProoF - 01-27-2011

So as I wrote some time ago in my "Hello I'm..." Thread, I want to support Xonotic (not only by building some 1vs1 maps for it, don't worry I did not give up on that it's only that my normal PC broke and on the one I'm using now I barelly can run Quake World) with some tournaments in the 1vs1 sector, but before even starting I need to know some things.

1st What mappool?

I don't know if there are enough decent 1vs1 maps for Xonotic out already. I know that there is Stormkeep that can be used vor 1vs1 pretty decently. Aside from that there also is The Iron Heart by Cortez666 which imo is a great duel map.
Another map that could work well imo is Aqueous, if there were some more items on it cuz atm its only MH and Body Armor.
Beside that there is a Soylent remake I think and it seems you guys like to play Soylent in 1vs1 (I can't understand that but hey I'm only the orga so what do I care?).
However I doubt that we can get a full 5 Map-Mappool with decent maps for the cup which leaves us with two options:

1. Playing with only 3, good maps. Would be the easiest way to go (Stormkeep, Soylent, The Iron Heart for example) but this could get a bit boring if you have to play like this for lets say 4 or 5 rounds.

2. Using a 4 Map-Mappool and the CPL World Tour ruleset for Painkiller. This means both players pick a map and tell it to an admin privately (the people can pick the same map so it will be played 2 times). Then both maps are played, if afther those two maps it is a 1-1 tied game there are two options. If the map was the same 2 times in a row it will be played for a 3rd time. If the maps were different, the admin tosses a coin and based on that a map is picked out of the two remaining. This can produce some interesting games but it also can get verry boring and kinda random.

2nd How many 1vs1 players are there?

And that's a verry important point. If there are only like 5 people playing and enjoying duel in Xonotic there is no point in hosting a 1vs1 tournament at the moment. So everyone who wants to play pls reply and tell me when you actually have time, which leads us to point no 3.

3rd What day and time should the tourney be held?

Now this is not about a exact date, but more about a general day/time. As I'm still in school and also compete in some other games I only can offer you three days to pick from:

1. Friday - There I can host/admin the cup from 16:00 CET upwards.
2. Saturday - Here we could allready start at 13:00 CET.
3. Sunday - Same as with Saturday.

Now please if you want to play tell me what day is most suitable for you.

Those three points are the most important ones for me to know, once I see that there are potentially enough people to play and I can hold a tourey I will go into things like physics, ruleset, servers and so on.

Now, I hope to get a lot of positive-response and hopefully we can have a awsome Xonotic 1vs1 Tournament soon! Smile


RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Cortez666 - 01-27-2011

(01-27-2011, 03:30 PM)WTFProoF Wrote: Aside from that there also is The Iron Heart by Cortez666 which imo is a great duel map.

its not a good map. bloodrage and red_v2 are way better

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Mirio - 01-27-2011

At first we need a good config I guess. And there are some more maps that could be used for it Smile (Final Rage, runningman, shell-station come in my mind now).
Once we used this site to organize (with some site admins): http://nex1vs1eu.tourney.cc/groups/
If there are enough people we could make groups , if not just K.O. duels.
Both players picked one map in the mappool and if a 3rd game was needed they chosed one where both agree with or the admin or someone.
Everyone who wants to play could sign in at this page.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Grunt - 01-28-2011

IMO we need more admins/orgas for cover more hours in the timetable. In my case, I can only grant to be available from 23:00 to 2:00 (GMT+1). I don't know if I am the unique player in this situation, though.

Anyway, it's a good first step to make available well organized tourneys for the Xonotic community. Wink

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Hellgardia - 01-28-2011

I can only tell for sure that i am available from 22:00 to 2:00 (GMT)


RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - WTFProoF - 01-28-2011

Ok about some things you mentioned:

1. Mappool

Pls post links to the downloads of the maps so that I can test them with crappy 44FPS Smile.

2. If I host a tourney it will be:

Double-Elimination with Bo3 matches and a Double-Bo3 Final (meaning that the player from LB needs to win two Bo3s and the player from WB only needs one).

3. For config (what I ment with physics):

I think as it is a Xonotic tournament we should use the default physics-/weapon-configuration for Xonotic and not a custom one (like if we pick the one with Nexuiz-like settings we aswell could make a tournament with latest Nexuiz release).

4. As for the ruleset:

-Eighter 10 or 15 minutes matches.
-2 minutes overtimes
-Weapon respawns after 10/15 seconds.
-Forced respawns for players (if this is actually doable in Xonotic) after 5 seconds.
-No Strenght/Shield (should be obvious why).
-Spawn-Values (again don't know if it is possible in Xon) 100HP/0AP
-Bright-Skins on
-Warm-up 2 minutes

That's what I would suggest

5. About the times:

It seems that some of you guys only can play at certain times, however 23:00 - 3:00 CET is waaaaaaay to late for me. Best times for me would be starting from 15:00/16:00/17:00 CET on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, if we wanted to do this tournament in one day. Or we do a Tournament over several weeks (like WB-Round 1 on Day 1-7, WB-Round 2 and LB-Round 1 on Day 8-14 and so on).

6. Admins:

I definitely will need some help in administrating, so if there are 1 or 2 people out there who wants to help administrating, PM me Smile!

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - PGP_Qz - 01-28-2011

I'm in. I'm frequently not here on Friday and Saturday night. The others day, I can 21h - 2h gtm+1. I think sunday afternoon is the best for all.
It can be a good test for a larger tournament when 1.0 will be out.

I see those problem for the moments :
- maps : strange (stormkeep !), missing textures (a lot), proper list of 1on1 maps needed.
- players : I don't think there is enough 1on1 players, too much are stuck in Nexuiz.
- servers : Is there enough good servers available for a tournament ? proper list of 1on1 servers needed.
- a website ? the link of Mirio is broken. Maybe a site where each players enter availability facilitate the work. ditto for the map choice.

Rules are ok imo.

One-day tournament or several weeks, depends of the number of players.

For the mappool, what about Aggressor and Warfare ? There is the official little Xonotic ones too, like G-23 and another (don't remember the name). Also some of the CPM ones.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Fisume - 01-28-2011

Great to hear, I would for sure participate in the tourney. But before starting the tournament, you should wait until the official Beta is released. There will hopefully also be more players then. Starting now wouldn't be ideal, since there aren't many active 1on1 players just yet (but if there are really enough intrested players, a small tourney wouldn't hurt anyone for sure).

You might want to contact -z- on IRC (#xonotic QuakeNet) or here in the forum since he was the web admin (or was it GreEn?) of the old Nexuiz Tournament page. He might make something similiar to those for Xonotic. Using tourney.cc will be sure a great help. And what about Servers? Are you going to host them then? You might want to ask atheros (shirkhan) or esteel (planetxonotic) if they could set up their servers for the tournament when things are getting started.

Maps that should be in the Mappool:

Final Rage (Download),
Warfare (Download)

Can't think of any others at this moment, but I will update it if I do so.


RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - atheros - 01-28-2011

I already generated nice configs, you can check them on pickup server shirkhan.dyndns.org:26510

I'll send them if you're interested.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Cortez666 - 01-28-2011

(01-27-2011, 04:08 PM)Cortez666 Wrote:
(01-27-2011, 03:30 PM)WTFProoF Wrote: Aside from that there also is The Iron Heart by Cortez666 which imo is a great duel map.

its not a good map. bloodrage and red_v2 are way better

bloodrage http://omploader.org/vNG8xNQ
red v2 http://ompldr.org/vNzZ2cw/Red_V2-fix2.pk3

PGP_Qz Wrote:maps : strange (stormkeep !), missing textures (a lot), proper list of 1on1 maps needed.
As i said the git version doesnt include the nexuiz textures anymore.
put this in your data folder and it should solve the problems

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Mirio - 01-28-2011

I dislike to set special days where we should play - I would prefer to arrange a date with my opponent. And also not to play it on 1 weekend. Thats impossible anyway I think, if many people sign in, because there are like ~3 server (planetxonotic sucks sometimes anyway Sad ).
Don't really need an admin to watch the games imo. 1 player just posts the results and the other one approves them (could force to post the demos in a special topic).
I think atheros' config should be fine.
The link should work Qz and I think there are enough players for 1v1. Smile



edit: downer final

-> Don't these so much but if you want to try:



RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - kojn^ - 01-28-2011

We don't have many good duel maps at the moment, I can really only think of stormkeep2 and perkele that are good in Xonotic.

I wouldn't rush into this, see who wants to play first, get more maps (like a 5map map-pool), no need to have shed loads to learn, so keep it small and nice.

Also reason to wait, is because we can get server's set up in time for it, and also probably get some kind of shoutcast for some of the matches.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Cortez666 - 01-28-2011

(01-28-2011, 01:41 PM)kojn^ Wrote: We don't have many good duel maps at the moment, I can really only think of stormkeep2 and perkele that are good in Xonotic.

there are enough maps but there where only a few played.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - kojn^ - 01-28-2011

Not good enough quality one's for 1on1 in my opinion.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - vbraun - 01-29-2011

For choosing what maps to play, what's wrong with this super simple method:

Each round starts with a specific map, usually only the most balanced and best are chosen for this. Then loser picks next map from the map pool.

None of this silly, flip a coin decide who gets to throw out a map first, then flip a coin and pick the first played map. Or if the moon is aligned in such and such away you can't play on these maps, etc.

But all of this is moot without good, balanced 1v1 maps.

Also I agree with waiting on a full fledge tournament. More useful at the moment would be to have a weekly sort of get together of people looking to play 1v1s. Of course this is limited by region and availability of players, but I think momentum in the community is more important than having a tournament or two randomly spread out throughout the year.

I believe something like this was tried in the past in the NA area and it worked for a few weeks, but interest was lost. Maybe under the different circumstances it'll work out better.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - kojn^ - 01-29-2011

The flip a coin and elimination of map's was generally when it was BO5 (best of 5) and it was 2-2 in maps. Normally when I've played it's either set maps in group stages then each guy can pick there map/s in the playoffs/brackets.

Good idea about the weekly gathering by the way.

I would suggest to meet at #xonotic.pickup as 1on1 get's played there fairly often and it also helps to build the activity in other game-mode's in that channel.

vbraun, I think EU is more active then NA so I don't think we will have that problem, once again I am just happy that we already have a good amount of activity for the player base we have..yes it's still small but it's more active then in nexuiz, and were only at 0.1 and we still have a lot of player's who will possibly migrate and likely a 'boom' of new player's when 1.0 comes out.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - WTFProoF - 01-29-2011

Guys, guys, guys! Stop it!

What I want to know right now is:

1. Who wants to play a 1on1 Tournament (so that I can see if we get 16 players or more, cuz if it is less then the effort is not worth it atm).

2. What maps you preffer (pls simply post links, I have my normal PC set up so I can test them in a good 300+FPS enviroment).

3. If you want to play on one day/weekend or over several weeks where you can play your games whenever you and your opponent both have time.

I don't want to discuss if there are enough suitable maps for Xonotic (thats obvious since it is 0.1 preview). I also don't want to discuss physics things since it will be a Xonotic tournament and it will be played with the def physics that are given by the version which is played.
Also I allready host tournaments over tourney.cc so I won't have any problems with that. If we get 5 maps into the mappool it will be simple Bo3 matches with a cointoss at start to determin who picks the first map and from there it's "losers-choice". With 5-Map-Mappool there will be Bo5 Finals with only three maps it will be Double Bo3.

What I would like is a link to a good 1vs1 server config with this settings:

Powerups: Off
Spawn-Protection: Off
Forced Respawn: 5seconds
Wepons Respawn: 10 seconds
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Overtime: 2 minutes

Thats all for the moment. Lets try not to turn this toppic in a discussion-thread about tournament-systems pls Smile.

Much love to you all


RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - nobodyisperfect - 01-29-2011

My opinion is that the list of maps should look something like this: stormkeep, aggressor, warfare, darkzone, final rage.
Due to the fact that the gameplay Xonotic became more dynamic, i propose the timelimit 10 as a dueling tournament Quakeworld, CPM, Warsow.
P. S. I apologize for my bad English.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - WTFProoF - 01-30-2011

Warfare and Final Rage both need to be reworked in terms of items. 3 100AP armors on warfare make it "all aim no tactics needed" since you can't control all the items on the map. Same goes for the two 100AP armors on final rage. I would suggest to make it one 100AP and one 50AP on final rage and one 100AP and two 50AP on warfare.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - nobodyisperfect - 01-30-2011

Warfare on the need to make two 50AP: a) near the elevator and Nex, b) on the stairs (where the original Warfare are two 100AP).
Final Rage I'm still a little played.
If they play Darkzone, then you need to do 50AP near the exit of teleport on the stairs (where the original lies 100AP). It would be nice to remove the Nex and his place Cryllink (You can try to play a card without Nex).

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Mirio - 01-30-2011

Are not there 2 100As and 1 100H at warfare? The lift is broken anyway.. Tongue
Maybe everyone who wants to play posts 3 maps that he would like to see and the 5 maps with most votes go into the mappool.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Bundy - 02-15-2011

I am in. I will download Xonotic 0.1 today btw Big Grin

(01-28-2011, 01:41 PM)kojn^ Wrote: We don't have many good duel maps at the moment, I can really only think of stormkeep2 and perkele that are good in Xonotic.
Oh well, still didnt do any more work on perkele ... *sigh*

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - FruitieX - 02-15-2011

I'm in too.

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Cortez666 - 02-15-2011

http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=334 according to nifrek and Samual this is a good 1on1 map too

RE: Xonotic 1on1 Tournament - Debugger - 02-15-2011

I think we can use maps like final_rage and warfare without problems for that tourney. They are already retextured so I dont see a problem here Smile
And as soon as sev releases his new soylent map we can also use it.

Will this tourney be world-wide? (server coordination needed!) Wink