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3D Modeler Needed! - Seison - 01-31-2011

My Nexuiz/Xonotic Alias is Luigi. My Clan Leader SuperMario and I need A 3D Modeler to make Mario characters fully animated for a Player Models. We are in need of a lot of models but if anyone would like to make any Mario cahracter please let me or SuperMario know.

RE: 3D Modeler Needed! - greasem0nkey - 01-31-2011

A popular 3d modeling suite is Blender. It's an open source project with a lot of functionality.

RE: 3D Modeler Needed! - unfa - 02-01-2011

But before trying to do anything by yourself, watch at least 3 hours of video tutorials on YouTube first. This will help a lot and take away the frustration of the what-key-should-I-press-now kind.

RE: 3D Modeler Needed! - WTFProoF - 02-01-2011

Well that were two semi-rude versions of: "Sry we are all to busy with creating really important stuff for the game, so do it yourself!".


RE: 3D Modeler Needed! - Seison - 02-09-2011

I have blender and I've started models. his just isn't something i wish to spend my time learning. I am much more interested in programing.