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Atelier - ShadoW - 02-07-2011

Atelier Download

Large map for team based games and ffa.

[Image: xon_atelierb2_01.jpg]

[Image: xon_atelierb2_02.jpg]

[Image: xon_atelierb2_03.jpg]

[Image: xon_atelierb2_04.jpg]

RE: Atelier [Alpha 1] - lda17h - 02-07-2011

Looking pretty sweet for an alpha Big Grin

EDIT: You need to unzip to get to the pk3...

RE: Atelier [Alpha 1] - Ronan - 02-07-2011

We can see you are an experimented mapper when your simple alpha release is already more detailed than some community maps. Wink
The scale seems large enough for the often spammy gameplay, yet the rooms are not too open, nice.
Vertical layouts are always difficult in xonotic/nexuiz, with the the laser as starting weapon, you can reach any place with minimum self-damage and easier than the rocket jump of some other fast paced fps. That aspect will become important with the items placement and balance. Keep up the good work.

RE: Atelier [Alpha 1] - Mirio - 02-07-2011

So many shadows.. needs less sun here.
Map looks good on the screens. Smile

RE: Atelier [Alpha 1] - Lord Canistra - 02-07-2011

Nice, neat, accurate work. I'm looking forward to it's release.
Did you have mapping or modelling experience previously?

RE: Atelier [Alpha 1] - ShadoW - 02-07-2011

Yeah, a little Smile. You can check some of my work on my online portfolio (signature) Wink.

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - ShadoW - 02-10-2011

Hey, beta 1 is there. Check out first post.

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - nowego4 - 02-10-2011

Nice! but I found this bug (screenshot) that you can get to pretty easily. you need to clip it, or model it so you can see what you're standing on Wink

Also remember to include a minimap, and edit your mapinfo with an author and map name.

One other idea I had is to take the green texture and make a blue, yellow and red version of it and color different parts of the map different colors, so it's easier to know where you are when you spawn/run blindly away from a battle.

Also it would be cool (though probably a lot of work) to have grates on some parts of the floor and gel-filled pipes underneath (look at glowplant), not necessary but might help on the visuals.

The bots actually do pretty well, but waypoints are always good.

And IIRC there's a lonely 25hp unit somewhere near the top, maybe put a crate by it or some armor shards.

All in all, a very good map.

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - ShadoW - 02-11-2011

Hey, I've got a question about models. As you can see even on screenshots (sc1, left upper corner), most of the models I have in the map doen't receive light properly. Even when I place point light source near them, they are almost black :/. Anybody can help me with that? Those are all misc_gamemodels, without any weird settings, just rotation and scale change if at all.

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - Debugger - 02-11-2011

Looks very good, indeed.
Simple layout and hopefully a good weapon placement... Im intrested to see it in tdm.

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - Lord Canistra - 02-11-2011

Rust. Grr.
Looks really stylish, don't know yet how about gameplay, but... I'm fed of rusty maps.
Mind re-skinning it in some brighter, more joyful tones?

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - ShadoW - 02-12-2011

Hehe, retexturing isn't really an option now Wink. But I have plans for next map, which will be something totally different - white and clean. We should set up some games guys, so we can talk more about gameplay. Current item layout was done for tdm - need feedback on health and ammo count. Also, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding item layout for other modes (like dom, and all that fancy ones).

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - nowego4 - 02-12-2011

(02-12-2011, 12:42 PM)ShadoW Wrote: Also, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding item layout for other modes (like dom, and all that fancy ones).

Oh! DOM! yes!

Generally, maps this size have +-4 control points, how many teams you want is really just opinion, but I think two is usually all it needs--you need a lot of people to play any more than that.

But I think the easiest way to point out what it needs is on a minimap.

One last thought: you could replace the teleporter with a warpzone Smile

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - ShadoW - 02-12-2011

Teleporters are really temp Smile. I would go with 2 teams, and 3 points for DOM, as it was in classic UT99 (I loved UT Dom mode!).

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - nifrek - 02-17-2011

I unfortunately still haven't been able to play/test this on a server yet, but I am really really really looking forward to it.

As I mostly play duel, tdm and ctf, I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to help for item placement for other game modes.

In any case, this is ****ing fantastic!

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - kojn^ - 02-18-2011

Yes 3dom points is ideal.

ShadoW, I would love in the future to see you make DOM specific map Smile (Also loved UT dom)

RE: Atelier [Beta 1] - FraNcoTirAdoR - 02-18-2011

just wanted to say that according to the screenshots the buildup really reminds me of some quake-liveish maps, after watching your blog I understand why Tongue fantastic work!
one thing that i can think of: maybe a little bit more "darkish" or "spaceish" sky theme could come handy, this rusty feeling doesnt clap too much with the skybox in my opinion Tongue

RE: Atelier [Beta 2] - ShadoW - 02-19-2011

Beta 2 ready - probably final one. See first post.

RE: Atelier [Beta 2] - atheros - 02-19-2011

Could you plz upload raw pk3? it's already compressed, no need to do it a second time

RE: Atelier [Beta 2] - nifrek - 02-19-2011

I wish I could give more feedback, but to be honest it's hard to find anything wrong with it. Since we don't have finalized weapon balance or health system, it hard to give real suggestions about item placement. That is probably why you are not getting a lot of feedback.

I am just happy that we get such a professional looking map like this. Xonotic is still far from a 1.0 release, so I think you could release it as is for now, if later on there needs to be adjustments to items then I would assume it's not too troublesome especially if it's in git.

RE: Atelier [Beta 2] - kojn^ - 02-20-2011

Just downloaded off to try.

RE: Atelier [Beta 2] - nowego4 - 02-22-2011

(02-19-2011, 08:56 AM)atheros Wrote: Could you plz upload raw pk3? it's already compressed, no need to do it a second time

Yeah, .rar is unnecessary and requires more work than most people care to give to a map. And if you must compress, please try .zip. Also if you had to compress because of uploading size, try omploader instead.

RE: Atelier [Beta 2] - Cuinnton - 02-22-2011

download link broken?

RE: Atelier [Beta 2] - Mirio - 02-22-2011

(02-22-2011, 06:04 PM)Cuinnton Wrote: download link broken?

Works fine for me.

RE: Atelier - ShadoW - 02-24-2011

Final version. Check first post.