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RE: Atelier - Rad Ished - 02-25-2011

You sure know how to patch mesh.
Lovely work this, I never could get the hang of this type of mapping, I pretty much build something then chuck a hull round it.
I like the inset pipe details, and the variations on this theme.
Good work sir!

RE: Atelier - dfsp_spirit - 02-26-2011

Hi Shadow!

Downloading the game atm to check out your map. Screenies look great.

RE: Atelier - ShadoW - 02-26-2011

Hi buddy, great to see you here Smile. Where is your map Tongue?

RE: Atelier - dfsp_spirit - 02-26-2011

Thesis keeps me busy but ima fire up Radiant later in the afternoon. Not sure what game the map I'll start will be for though. I need to play Xonotic a bit and get to know the weapons and game mechanics before I make a map for it I guess...

RE: Atelier - Mirio - 02-26-2011

Can't wait to play test it. Smile

RE: Atelier - DiaboliK - 02-27-2011

I finally got around to trying this map and I have to say that I absolutely loved it. Nifrek and myself had a 1v1 on it (I know its not made for duels, but we did anyway). We got familiar with the layout which is fantastic, but we lacked knowledge on item placement so we have to play again and hopefully next time we can play a 2v2. So far I have 0 complaints Smile

RE: Atelier - nifrek - 03-01-2011

Indeed, I can't find anything wrong so far either. Maybe once the new/updated weapons are in, item placement could be slightly revisited. For example, the LG will not replace electro anymore, and the electro is a weapon similar to RL + spammy secondary so it might be better to put it in a different room than RL. But for now I don't think the map needs any changes.

RE: Atelier - ShadoW - 03-01-2011

Cool Wink.

RE: Atelier - Halogene - 01-30-2012

Sorry for thread resurrection, but do you still work on this map? There are a couple of things that would need to be fixed, like patches that swallow projectiles instead of exploding/bouncing them and the like. The map is VERY cool otherwise, layout is absolutely great, it would be a pity if this masterpiece wouldn't be refined to perfection.