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Gameplay idea/fantasy/whatever... - anark10n - 02-10-2011

So ...

The boredom imposed on me during the sessions of far cry 2 (the ubisoft - crytek iteration of the classic fps) has got me to thinking of a gameplay mechanic, not entirely original in name, but mechanics, that's up for debate.

A prone mode in Xonotic. I'm not done read on ...

I know that Xonotic wants to be fast and going prone would slow down a player quite a bit. With that in mind, i'm thinking if the player strafes while prone, the player rolls instead wriggling sideways, player can roll onto his back to allow aiming in any direction while prone.

I've even put together some animations that could handle this, although horrible, barely even count as works in progress.

Your thoughts on this idea Xonotic commies...

RE: Gameplay idea/fantasy/whatever... - ThePWTULN - 02-10-2011

I don't think this would fit in well - Xonotic is supposed to be an "ultra-fast" game!

RE: Gameplay idea/fantasy/whatever... - Samual - 02-14-2011

Prone would never ever be useful in Xonotic though... and it probably would look back/have issues with the bbox since they'd have to be laying down (it would be too big)

Sorry, I just don't see how it would be useful at all... or even good to add as an aesthetic thing.