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Team Keep Away - It'sMe - 02-15-2011

I played Keep Away sometimes and every time I have played it I thought of a team based Keep Away.

There are two balls in game: one red and one blue.
The team that owns both balls gets the points needed to win (Timelimit).

You can get points for your own statistics by...
wearing the own teams ball
wearing the other teams ball,
killing the ball-carrier of opponents team
and by frags for sure
but for team just the time of owning both balls counts

This would be a more dynamic ctf like game...
I guess much fun Tongue

And perhaps not that much work to implement...
What do you think?

RE: Team Keep Away - nifrek - 02-15-2011

I like it, that way it can even have attackers/defenders since teammate with the ball will need protection and other teammates can attack to get the other ball.

RE: Team Keep Away - jaykay - 02-16-2011

isnt that just hold the flag based on time?

RE: Team Keep Away - nifrek - 02-16-2011

Maybe, but it's still not an existing game mode that we have as far as I know Wink

RE: Team Keep Away - Samual - 02-17-2011

I don't think i'll do multiple balls, but instead have one ball with multiple teams.

The ballcarrier would still be always known (and so would their location) so you'd have to have your team protect you, but yeah.

The only real downfall about this is it requires a good deal of players in order for it to be fun, otherwise it just isn't balanced with teams. Though same can be said for any team game mode...

Anyway, I already had this one under the works -- so you can maybe expect teams in keepaway some time soon. (I coded keepaway btw)

RE: Team Keep Away - It'sMe - 02-17-2011

(02-17-2011, 02:53 AM)Samual Wrote: Anyway, I already had this one under the works -- so you can maybe expect teams in keepaway some time soon. (I coded keepaway btw)
Sounds good Smile

Perhaps you are right and one ball with teams is better, because of balancing teams, which is needed to have a good match Smile

RE: Team Keep Away - tZork - 02-17-2011

How abt two balls, team needs to have both to get the score ticking (would give that interesting third state of equilibrium). Besides, it would allow you to tell the players to "Protect your balls!" Big Grin

RE: Team Keep Away - chooksta - 02-17-2011

"that was a close shave ball guys...."

"ball one is lower down!"

"get them balls into the sack!"

"ive been hit in the ball!"

oh never mind....

pardon me , sorry Smile

RE: Team Keep Away - Samual - 02-17-2011

I already get enough shit about it being called a "ball" - I will not cause insult to injury by adding multiple. Besides, I really think 2 would be too cluttered etc.

RE: Team Keep Away - node357 - 02-18-2011

You could make the game type default to one, uh... "objective" and allow it to be configured to have more than one if the players wanted.