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Stepping Forward - Cortez666 - 02-24-2011

[Image: utixn5eu262ye9c4qh6_thumb.jpg][Image: 15mzqphfsg6aodc79wz_thumb.jpg][Image: 50z6694xbniltqiuzn_thumb.jpg]

Formally know as nexrun1.
Since the nexrun mod is integrated in nexuiz/xonotic, this map is mostly forgotten. It was the first map Revenant made for this mod. I mainly retextured it.


RE: Stepping Forward - chooksta - 02-25-2011

needs more noob steps ,, 4 me please.


RE: Stepping Forward - Cortez666 - 03-03-2011


here is an easier version

RE: Stepping Forward - nowego4 - 03-07-2011

If you're not getting any replies, it's because race/raceCTS aren't very popular, not because the map is bad.

I found the map very graphically pleasing.