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Xoylent - sev - 03-08-2011

Tada Big Grin

[Image: 7z2icj6cx2e3ottava5_thumb.jpg][Image: zacrichtn9e4c8u02t_thumb.jpg]
[Image: h87m38iy8vcas957nyp_thumb.jpg][Image: 7sbf4dd4rnzjg30xbngl_thumb.jpg]

BSP only
Full version

Some thanks:
Thanks to Strahlemann of course, for Soylent and your motivating feedback.
Thanks to divVerent and FruitieX for your help with the organizational issues.
Thanks to Tenshihan for donating many great sounds to Nex/Xonotic. Most (if not all) Xoylent ambient sounds are based on them.

RE: Xoylent - FruitieX - 03-08-2011

Yes. EPIC!!


More like, we should release a new beta just for this! Big Grin

RE: Xoylent - Rad Ished - 03-08-2011

Epic work sir, and touché Wink
I had a look around, movement is nice and tight.
And so well lit, ok, Ima go look in radiant, I can't tell what is modelled and what isn't.
Thanks chap for making this, it's just superb.

RE: Xoylent - DiaboliK - 03-08-2011

Smile love it, Sev. very well done!

RE: Xoylent - FruitieX - 03-08-2011

wow having tested it out (not only looking at screenshots) i really have no words for how awesome this is. Smile

great job sev!

RE: Xoylent - Fisume - 03-08-2011

Eyecandy, yummy

RE: Xoylent - Cuinnton - 03-08-2011

So much attention to detail! at first I was telling myself, why isn't there more in the 3d skybox? (happy to add more if wanted), but its actually great without!!
Can really see the time and effort you have put in!

RE: Xoylent - Sepelio - 03-08-2011

Words? has I, !no


RE: Xoylent - sev - 03-08-2011

Thanks guys Big Grin

The autobuilt lightmap is slightly different from "my" one, I'll look into that.

The reason why there aren't more asteroids in the skybox is that I was very careful about the total number of triangles.
Right now it's almost exactly 1000 for the skybox asteroids.

A small hint: Try to shoot the asteroids which are flying around...
And of course there's also a secret place, you know me Tongue
If you don't know the login data, think of which people are most likely to have access to all areas, and what their respective connection is to the map.

RE: Xoylent - FruitieX - 03-08-2011

wow mad props for the easter egg, that's pretty well hidden Wink

That teleporter is soooo awesome.... All teleporters in the game need to work like this, love the charging up sound and the *woosh* at the end Big Grin
Imagine something like that in a single player campaign of Xonotic, where you'd have to e.g. fight off zombies while also activating the tele, and if you stand outside of the tele when it would warp you then you gotta initiate another charge and wait longer, while more zombies attack. Big Grin

RE: Xoylent - Mirio - 03-08-2011

Awesome work. Wink
And the secret room is very cool. Smile

RE: Xoylent - Lee_Stricklin - 03-09-2011

An awesome remake of an awesome map.

RE: Xoylent - Halogene - 03-09-2011

Words fail me. It's always reasonable to save hyperbole until you really need it, but I think hyperbole isn't really applicable anymore to describe this due to logical limitations.

RE: Xoylent - Debugger - 03-09-2011


Finally we can play it :]

RE: Xoylent - node357 - 03-09-2011

Very very cool.

I don't see the teleporter people speak of... ?

RE: Xoylent - theShadow - 03-09-2011

everyone has said how amazing this is, and I concur, however there is one thing you could improve.

there is a ledge across from the nex platform that it seems like it would be possible to stand on, however there is a clip brush blocking it. I'm ok with not allowing the player to stand there, however you should put some sort of visual reason why they cannot.

also, did you make the textured you used for this map? will I ever be able to use them for my own maps?

RE: Xoylent - nowego4 - 03-09-2011

I found the entrance into the teleporter, but I don't really know what to make of that "Restricted access" message. Nice easter egg though.

On the map itself: GJ, especially on the textures. At first I thought the boards wouldn't fit but they go pretty well. I do have to say that I had to turn my graphics down to "medium" to play it. Nice work in keeping the old layout intact. It'll take me a while to re-learn all the trickjumps. On clipping: It looks like you should be able to go under the stairs by the mortar, but you can't. No big deal, just FYI.

You're a wizard.

RE: Xoylent - sev - 03-09-2011

The clips under the stairs and opposite the nex have a very simple reason: backward compatibility.
I can try to add more restrictions to these areas, or could simply give up compatibility and open them, they shouldn't offer any advantages. Added to the revision list.

The textures I made don't have propper heightmaps (i.e. they don't have any), and I doubt it is possible to make correct ones. The textures just have too many layers and too thin edges. Lesson learned.

Performance wise, it should get the same performance as glowplant, at least on my system it does (based on timedemos with/without bots).

RE: Xoylent - Rad Ished - 03-09-2011

i can't figure out the password. I tried like 20 times.
I looked in the .map, and found all the code for them, interesting.. but i can't
figure it out, does this means I can't keep my black hat?

RE: Xoylent - Cuinnton - 03-09-2011

just a little chalked surface i found on the supporting beam near to rl. just thought u'd like to texture it like the others Smile

RE: Xoylent - JayWalker - 03-09-2011

Oh lawdy, this map is beautiful Smile

RE: Xoylent - lda17h - 03-10-2011

y u map so goood!!! Big Grin

RE: Xoylent - SavageX - 03-10-2011

Impressive map. Great work. A whole new level of awesome.

Now go and make techassault and/or courtfun look just as good Wink

RE: Xoylent - Fisume - 03-10-2011

[Image: 5ciwxd.jpg]

RE: Xoylent - Halogene - 03-10-2011

Uhm, has he said he'll refrain from map making? Doing quality work like this consumes a hell of a lot of time, look at the level of detail and the overall quality. You can't expect another map of similar quality to pop up just like that in the near future.

Give him some time, let's say, until Sunday? Cool

Anyhow, I strongly encourage anybody who runs a server to put this map on ASAP.