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zym weapon models? - J0linar - 03-10-2011

Hi there, i have been playin around with the models/ creatin new onez
my question is more or less are the zym weapon models even used or needed
since i cant see them rly in the src code added (or am blind?)

and if how does that work i mean u got
a md3 mdl as pickup
a md3 for the third person model/ when carried by the player
a dpm for the hud
and finally the zym one that makes me :S

thx in advance

RE: zym weapon models? - DiaboliK - 03-10-2011

The zym ones are no longer used. You need g_*.md3 which is the pickup/ground model. You need v_*.md3 for third person and view model. and you need h_*.iqm for an invisible handle to position the v_*.md3 model.

RE: zym weapon models? - J0linar - 03-10-2011

thx, already got that by another friendly one Smile
but your explanation is so detailed that i just have to say it, thank you