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Changing my name - mepper[NoSkillsOnlyLuck] - 03-19-2011

Is it somehow possible to change my username here. Typing "[NoSkillsOnlyLuck]" every time really is annoying, is it possible to just change my name in the forum to Mepper?

RE: Changing my name - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 03-20-2011

The fastest way would be to register another account and deleting the old one, *i think*. That's the usual reply on most forums, at least. Though, if it is possible here, then i request a nick change, too, pretty-pretty-please. (to 4m)

Nick-changers unite! Tongue

RE: Changing my name - FruitieX - 03-20-2011

Pretty sure you can get an admin to do that.

RE: Changing my name - unfa - 03-20-2011

I don't need a UNfa change Wink