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PhillipK texture pack - theShadow - 04-04-2011

[Image: pk02_scene.jpg]
[Image: pk01_scene.jpg]

Philip Klevestav has graciously allowed us to use his texture packs for xonotic. I will be taking the packs and converting them to the necessary naming conventions. If someone would then be willing to set up the shader file for them, that would be swell, and then we can hopefully include them with xonotic for map makers.

thanks to Phillip K. for releasing these under GPL, and being a generally awesome person.

I will post updates to my progress here.

RE: PhillipK texture pack - theShadow - 04-04-2011


I will keep these up to date with the latest version

phillipk1x (updated v2)

phillipk2x (updated v2)

RE: PhillipK texture pack - Lee_Stricklin - 04-04-2011

Awesome stuff there.

RE: PhillipK texture pack - Samual - 04-05-2011

Very very very nice! Thanks PhillipK!

RE: PhillipK texture pack - Exitium - 04-05-2011

They look awesome. Thanks PhillipK!

RE: PhillipK texture pack - master[mind] - 04-05-2011

Holy carp, that is gorgeous! PhillipK is amazing!

RE: PhillipK texture pack - Mirio - 04-05-2011

Amazing! Smile

RE: PhillipK texture pack - CuBe0wL - 04-05-2011


Awesome stuff!

RE: PhillipK texture pack - Fisume - 04-05-2011

Really cool, thanks a lot Phillip K.

RE: PhillipK texture pack - rainerzufalldererste - 04-05-2011

ty Phillip K.! Wink

RE: PhillipK texture pack - Justin - 04-05-2011

Incredible details! Thank You, Philip K.! +1

RE: PhillipK texture pack - theShadow - 04-05-2011

eh, nevermind. the second one doesnt have nearly as many duplicates as the first. (aka I am almost done)

RE: PhillipK texture pack - unfa - 04-06-2011

This looks amazing! Thanks for PhillipK! Big Grin
I wonder how does he work on theese...

RE: PhillipK texture pack - noobermin - 04-06-2011


RE: PhillipK texture pack - theShadow - 04-06-2011

ok, the textures now have a map duplicate for every normal map.

STEP TWO: someone needs to download these and set up a shader file for them. I was told that there is a script that does this, but it only works on linux currently.

here are the files. I also updated the second post.

phillipk1x (updated v2)

phillipk2x (updated v2)

also, I will not be porting the 3rd texture set, for 3 reasons.

1) there are a huge number of textures that aren't really useful to us, as the set is aimed more towards a medieval setting.

2) the textures are all in BMP format, many of which have broken alpha values.

3) and the most important, the textures are all low resolution, the largest being 256x256, and going as low as 64x64. the other 2 sets are all 512x512 and up, same as the other xonotic sets.

there ARE a couple good textures here, but not enough to warrant the effort to fix the whole set. If you want to use them for your maps, you can just copy over the specific files you want and put them in the .pk3 with the map.

RE: PhillipK texture pack - theShadow - 04-12-2011

ok, I got a shader for the textures. fruitiex fixed some issues with the shader file and made a test map for both.
[Image: phillipk2x_test-000005.jpg]
[Image: phillipk1x_test-000005.jpg]

as far as I can tell, the textures are pretty much ready to merg into master.

RE: PhillipK texture pack - Lee_Stricklin - 04-12-2011

HOLYSHIT! That looks awesome!

RE: PhillipK texture pack - Squigger - 04-12-2011

This is pretty sweet. Very Pleased Smile. The more textures at a mapper's disposal the better.