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Forum suggestion - Development Help area - MirceaKitsune - 04-06-2011

I believe it could be very helpful for artists and developers if the forum had a sub-area in the Xonotic - Development section specifically for requesting help. This includes help with something you started but cannot finish on your own (either asking a coder to take over, or advice by showing your code and asking how to continue), or asking the lead developers if your code is ready to be merged, including testing.

The Xonotic - Development thread is about general development talk AFAIK, such as sharing ideas. Which is why I believe a separate help forum in it could be more useful for this purpose, and could help with speeding up development as well. Topic starters could also be allowed to close their own topics there, to indicate their issue was solved and there's no more need to dispatch anyone there.

The idea came to mind because I often get stuck with some of my codes, which more advanced developers could likely have advice about. I also make / modify models and textures at times (though very rarely), and since my skill in this is very low, I might suggest some real 3D artists to make changes. I'm likely not the only dev who can't do everything from start to end for some new features, and this could be easier than hunting people on IRC for help.

Do you believe this would be a good idea? Can it be done if it is?

RE: Forum suggestion - Development Help area - nowego4 - 04-06-2011

I think that's what the development section is SUPPOSED to be for, however it gets a lot of unrelated stuff mixed in too. Maybe if it was more strictly moderated?

P.S. Nice job on gib FX Smile