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fav servers - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 03-28-2010

Post your favourite servers or the servers you frequently play on (which aren't necessarily your favorite servers to play on).

DCC Plain DM
DCC Beginners (sometimes, for warm-up)
PK MinstaGib
DCC MinstaGib

mostly DM and Minsta servers, preferably with lots of players.

RE: fav servers - liberty - 03-28-2010

NL Nexrun Race

RE: fav servers - MmmMmmGud - 03-28-2010

(03-28-2010, 01:00 PM)liberty Wrote: NL Nexrun Race


RE: fav servers - Roanoke - 03-28-2010


RE: fav servers - PanzerZero - 03-28-2010

MIT - 1v1, DM
f10 - 3v3CTF, CA
BC2- 3v3 CA

RE: fav servers - vaan - 03-28-2010

NL Nexrun Race
dcc 26500

RE: fav servers - Daphron - 03-29-2010

HOCTF! The only one I really use nowadays. Occasionally Laid back CTF.

RE: fav servers - kuniu the frogg - 03-29-2010

DCC ctf
DCC pussy delight
Die Tunichguten ctf
PK dm and 1on1
eXile 1on1 and ctf
Prophets dm
NL Nexrun

no more sins to remember...

RE: fav servers - quadratic - 03-30-2010

Standard Deathmatch CA (My +-30 ping server, where did it go?)
HOCTF 1 and 2
Batcaves 1 and 2
f10 Pwn Zone
Nexuiz Ninjaz Race

RE: fav servers - nox - 03-30-2010


I also like the Ninjaz servers but they are often empty.

Edit: After 3 years of quietly chugging away, the server that hosts Beartato has died. It is a non-critical server for test projects, including testing vm's and virtual servers, and it may be a few weeks or even months before it is repaired or replaced Sad

RE: fav servers - od@r - 04-13-2010

my first server on which I started four years ago is the DCC but now the favorite servers for me are:

all PK servers MINSTA
NK 1on1 server MINSTA

RE: fav servers - MDWGUNS - 05-24-2010

prae caves
race over the standard bard wire fence
race over the lazy dog

RE: fav servers - arikel - 06-21-2010

Die Tunichtguten CTF
Pussy delight minsta gib

RE: fav servers - PinkRobot - 06-22-2010

Mostly Plain Delight Deathmatch server, but occasionally the NL Nexrun server and DCC CTF as well. And lately I've been spending some time on the eXile MinstaHook CTF server. Nice players there and I found out I am quite good at scoring top of my team there, which is a nice change for a noob like me.

RE: fav servers - FruitieX - 06-22-2010

NL Nexrun Race Big Grin

And some random pickup servers

RE: fav servers - Antibody - 06-23-2010

HOCTF (born and raised)
Laid Back

RE: fav servers - chooksta - 02-24-2011

aussie servers
hoctf (hai uncle doku!)
dccs was kinda cool (topped a game there)
that dietunich server was crazy to watch too


RE: fav servers - Akari - 02-24-2011

UFB and DTG, of course.