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gforce5 fixed - Cortez666 - 03-28-2010

No one like the turrets so here is the version without turrets

[Image: x2zlapj3uanzna015e7_thumb.jpg]


RE: gforce5 fixed - CuBe0wL - 03-29-2010

I like turrets, but somehow you can't really escape from them on this map.
I say try to figure a way to more easily bypass/destroy the turrets, so they only give some annoyance, not a miniboss to fight against.

RE: gforce5 fixed - Erusavion - 03-29-2010

I thought there was already a gforce5 without turrets?

RE: gforce5 fixed - Sepelio - 03-29-2010

I think what the turrets needed was a tweaking on their health, accuracy, reaction times etc.

RE: gforce5 fixed - kay - 03-29-2010

where are the high res textures? or don't we remake every map with them?

RE: gforce5 fixed - nox - 03-30-2010

Or if the turrets are not easy to destroy, don't have them respawn. If it's adjusted so that you have a reasonable chance of getting past them to cap, then attackers have the choice of doing that, or of expending some time, effort and ammo to destroy them. If you make that effort and succeed, then your reward is no more turret to harass you for the rest of the game.

RE: gforce5 fixed - esteel - 03-31-2010

I don't think only-once turrets make sense.. If the turrets are so strong that it takes a lot of time to destroy them it would turn CTF into something else. Makes more sense for a ONS or Assault map where destroying the turret would be an objective.

Respawning turrets actually give the "midfielders" something to do in a CTF match. They can help the rest of the team by constantly destroying the turrets.. However they should not be too strong then.

RE: gforce5 fixed - nox - 03-31-2010

Maybe there can be cvar so we can play with it? g_turret_respawn? i guess i could just set the respawn time very high (or -1) Smile

I see there are many cvars for turrets, so what CB asked for, "try to figure a way to more easily bypass/destroy the turrets, so they only give some annoyance, not a miniboss to fight against", and the tweaking sepelio mentioned is easily done by adjusting them. Can maps set cvars? Then if server op wants to override them, use <mapname>.cfg?

RE: gforce5 fixed - Roanoke - 04-09-2010

Tested the map, good overall, just this problem.