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Jet pack as power-up - emrys merlin - 04-16-2011

Title says it all Smile

RE: Jet pack as power-up - theShadow - 04-17-2011

it already can be. well, an item pickup at least. the only difference between it and a power is as a pickup, you still have it if you run out of fuel, and you can pick up more fuel to use it again.

Try playing a game on Siege. I have a jetpack pickup on it Wink

RE: Jet pack as power-up - emrys merlin - 04-17-2011

Uh I meant having the jetpack as a pick up like "strength" and "invisibility", not like spawning with it and having refueling stuff.

RE: Jet pack as power-up - theShadow - 04-17-2011

you don't spawn with it. right now it is literally exactly like a power up, only you run out of fuel instead of time. also, you can just not place any fuel pickups on the map so the only way to use it is pickup the original item again.

It even has a waypoint over it, like the power ups.

RE: Jet pack as power-up - unfa - 04-17-2011

Yay. I like the OLD way of how it works. I think that running out of time would be useful if Jetpack could be used to get to some secret place to get more good stuff, which can't be taken without using Jetpack. But right now you can get almost everywhere by using Laser, Mortar, RL, HLAC or Hook. So I think it would be useless if Jetpack would last only 30 seconds. One of the most cool is the ability to use it while the enemy doesn't know you have it.

Just my view on this matter.