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FOTM May - FruitieX - 05-02-2011

Oh look, a frag: http://www.hrfdesign.com/crap/videos/umad_fisume.ogv
This was during the previous month though, but as there was not even a FOTM April I'll put it here... Smile

RE: FOTM May - FruitieX - 05-05-2011

[Image: Tumbleweed.jpg]

RE: FOTM May - CuBe0wL - 05-05-2011

Nice midair trouting! Big Grin

RE: FOTM May - chooksta - 05-05-2011

[Image: Tumbleweed.jpg]

RE: FOTM May - rainerzufalldererste - 05-05-2011

that's what i'll do:
[Image: illlook4frags.jpg]

RE: FOTM May - Fisume - 05-05-2011

[Image: interesting-threadbn4u.gif]

RE: FOTM May - FruitieX - 05-06-2011

It is very interesting due to the fact that you were fragged Tongue

RE: FOTM May - rainerzufalldererste - 05-06-2011

really bad one:
http://www.mediafire.com/?ols5g0b2d5pt6wv Big Grin

RE: FOTM May - kuniu the frogg - 05-09-2011

ah hell, at least i will not be the first one to post frags from previous month here.

RE: FOTM May - nowego4 - 05-09-2011

You get my vote (so far) kuniu the frogg! Nice slomo and camera angles too! Big Grin

RE: FOTM May - Mirio - 05-14-2011

Rename the topic into April/May. Tongue

RE: FOTM May - Cortez666 - 05-28-2011