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I'm terribly mad - SkyHookers - 05-05-2011

Yes, i am.

I will not quit Xonotic if Xonotic gets... quick server search!

And if you are looking for the shit i was posting about long time ago...

forget it.

RE: Im fucked up. - Akari - 05-05-2011

(05-05-2011, 12:20 PM)SkyHookers Wrote: I will not quit Xonotic

Poor Xonotic community :(

RE: Im fucked up. - ThePWTULN - 05-05-2011

Why don't you just stop whining and enjoy the game?

RE: I'm f*****d up - Spaceman - 05-05-2011

What is a quick server search? The last time I looked at the Xonotic server window there was a method to highlight your favourites (or bookmark the IP). You could also type the name of the server in the search thing at the top and the game would filter the servers for you.

Example: run Xonotic, go to the multi-player menu window and enter Simba in the search box. There should be only one server listed "Simba CTF". You may need to have a play with the full/empty buttons to show the full server list.

Alternatively if you use a good quality OS you maybe able to use XQF to store your favourite server and launch Xonotic.

In case your server list is empty, you can find Simba CTF with "connect"



RE: Im fucked up. - Rage_ATWM - 05-05-2011

(05-05-2011, 12:20 PM)SkyHookers Wrote: I will not quit Xonotic if Xonotic gets... quick server search!
One necessary condition for emotional blackmail to work is that others like you.

RE: I'm terribly mad - Lee_Stricklin - 05-05-2011

Wishful thinking:
[Image: banhammerj.jpg]

RE: I'm terribly mad - Mirio - 05-05-2011

Yes, we understood in the first topic!

[Image: STFU-Hand_Puppet.gif]

P.S.: Heart

RE: I'm terribly mad - FruitieX - 05-05-2011

u mad? :p

RE: I'm terribly mad - Samual - 05-06-2011

What'd I miss? >:O

Damn slowness fails me again.

RE: I'm terribly mad - Minkovsky - 05-06-2011

...and that's precisely why scratch.mit.edu forums suck. It's people like SkyHookers.

RE: I'm terribly mad - PinkRobot - 05-07-2011

This thread needs a lift to trolltown.

RE: I'm terribly mad - Fisume - 05-07-2011

[Image: tumblr_ld4ok0dip81qfrmlqic.gif]

RE: I'm terribly mad - Minkovsky - 05-07-2011

The following statement is true. The preceding statement is false.

RE: I'm terribly mad - theShadow - 05-07-2011

earlier today, I was terribly glad,
but you and your anger have made me quite sad,
Your trollolololing has brought nothing but scorn
i am beginning to think, that you need more porn

happy no pants day.

RE: I'm terribly mad - CuBe0wL - 05-08-2011