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Weapon glow issues - Lee_Stricklin - 05-16-2011

Before completely getting my hands on it, I already see some major problems in the screenshots showing off the new weapon glow. Hopefully these screenshots will point out the problems so that they can be fixed before 1.0.

Here's what I spotted:
Weapon sights and parts of the weapons not initially painted with player color, now have player color which looks VERY bad.

The glow is EXCESSIVELY bright which will cause MAJOR DISTRACTIONS in first person view.

Get rid of player color on weapon sights and weapon parts that already had their own glow.

Tone it down so that I don't have to wear sunglasses, turn off bloom, and/or lower my contrast and brightness to play not to mention let me focus on what's happening in the game instead of getting distracted by my weapon. I HAVE ADHD DAMMIT!

Screenshots, maximize them to see what I'm pointing at as a lot of details aren't visible in the thumbnails:
[Image: mmbkut7rpinl6k1k_thumb.jpg]
[Image: pa56bdyx898f4umnhik9_thumb.jpg]
[Image: jfmp4j824pwr66u60a6_thumb.jpg]

RE: Weapon glow issues - rainerzufalldererste - 05-16-2011

well we'll get a new electro, right?

RE: Weapon glow issues - theShadow - 05-16-2011

i think this effect would be much improved on weapons that are actually modeled and textured with this effect in mind, (which WILL happen, eventually)

really, the only weapon which has improved visually as a result of this is the hagar.

RE: Weapon glow issues - Lee_Stricklin - 05-16-2011

The main thing that annoys me is that player color got applied to areas that already had their own glow and weapon sights (though on a side note, I'd rather have a pink sight over a green one so maybe the shotgun was a bad example). In my opinion it should only be applied where player color already existed as the weapons simply don't look right with it applied in the other areas.

RE: Weapon glow issues - emrys merlin - 05-16-2011

No offense but I think the electro glow is better to be kept blue

RE: Weapon glow issues - hutty - 05-21-2011

I think not.....

Fitst I love the new glows They ad distinctive character to the game... rather than just another open source fps

Second The electro needs to have team color glow because many times when I am tired in nexuiz and getting -5 i get team switched and dont realize it... I pick up electro and sublimely assume that I am blue because the electro is blue... But I am really red and end up getting team mates mad......

They could be toned down a little jsut DONT TOUCH THE SHOTGUN!!!... its perfect.