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Character preview mode - Icyton - 05-17-2011

Hi everyone! I suggest a character preview feature so you can se how the playermodel looks and so you can test colour combinations.

RE: Character preview mode - Exitium - 05-17-2011

So actually replacing current model image in Player-settings with actual model, which is just standing and carrying weapon? It could be neat, but if it's way too hard to implement then it's not a big loss.

RE: Character preview mode - Icyton - 05-17-2011

Well, the feature to be able to see from a third person perspective is fine, but i would like the feature to see the front of your character too. I really need this too test models.

RE: Character preview mode - Spaceman - 05-17-2011

Many years ago there was a model preview using a Nexuiz-like menu for Edu2 but it was a bit buggy and ultimately not used. http://blog.blackhc.net/2008/02/edu2p-stuff/

RE: Character preview mode - theShadow - 05-17-2011

I have an idea.

instead of of having an actual 3D model, we make 3 images: one for the player model, and one for the pants color, and one for the shirt color. Then we overlay the pants/shirt images over the full image. then we change the color of the pants/shirt image based on the menu choice.

RE: Character preview mode - Rage_ATWM - 05-17-2011

@theShadow: yeah, this "manual" texturing is the cheapiest way to do the trick.

On the global topic, I often thought something is missing by not being able to take a look at what your model looks like. Character preview mode is rather needed imo. Not the best feature ever, but something representative to a well achieved game.

Btw, at least, we now can have an overview with the automatic third person view when you are fragged.

RE: Character preview mode - nifrek - 05-18-2011

For testing models, I find the best way is to record a demo and then play it back with the camera feature.

In console, camera_[tab] to see all cvars to configure it to your liking.

I guess for testing colors it's not ideal, but what you can do it record a demo where you try all colors, the color changes will be recorded in the demo so you'll be able to see it when you play it back.