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map lighting - hutty - 05-20-2011

I'm back with another question...

I finally got the xonotic git installed and net radiant loaded all the textures.

I made a simple map, however it is not computing the lighting.

When I run the map in xonotic it behaves as if everything is full bright...

Am I mistaken, or is something wrong...

(map file attached below)

ps... what is the advantage of using the git net radiant vs the normal one?

RE: map lighting - CuBe0wL - 05-21-2011

In case it's a fully closed area, first, you need to place light entities. After that, you'll need to compile 3 stages:
-meta (makes the bsp, that can loaded into the map)
-vis (calculates visibility)
-light -> this is what you need now. This will calculate shadow falloff and other stuff.

No offence, but do you have any experience with quake3 map editing? Because if not, I'd suggest to read through a few articles on it before. It has it's own tricks/tips you should follow and understand.

RE: map lighting - hutty - 05-21-2011

I have a little experient (this passed month)

I was working on a nexuiz map before i got xonotic figured out, however the whole map died when I added a spotlight.
the console said something about a 4 light per item limit.
map would not compile lights
I removed all the spotlights but I still wouldn't work
that map was full bright (no lighting) for me but pure black for others on the network

I am now starting over in xonotic

btw... What do you mean 3 stages to compile.... Dont I just pick an option from the drop down menu? (I picked the one that was labeled recommended)

ps.. I have looked at a couple tutorials on youtube (but they were for nexuiz)

RE: map lighting - kuniu the frogg - 05-22-2011

hutty Wrote:I picked the one that was labeled recommended
it's ok to use this one.

looking at your .map file, i would use just lights, not spotlights, as main sources of light. Also 1000 is probably too much.

Also i'm not sure if you know how to create a proper .pk3 file so xonotic would run it in a proper way.
You can take this map (http://www.gamefront.com/files/20341035/The_Yard.pk3) as an example, just unzip it (you can simply unzip it, as .pk3 is just renamed .zip file) and take a look at the structure of it and at things you should include.

In your case it would look like this:

bacically, necessary elements are outcropr.bsp and folder named outcropr (containing lightmaps). Both should be located in "maps" folder.
But, it's also good to include .mapinfo file (.mapinfo is just a text file, you can edit it with notepad), outcropr.jpg (screenshot of your map) and folder "gfx" containing minimap.

i hope this would help you. Good luck Smile

RE: map lighting - hutty - 05-22-2011

Strangest thing happened....

I found out that getting xonotic git also got me the new radiant

I compiled may map with the new radiant....

and it worked!

Thanks for the help

ps at kuniu... nice map Big Grin

RE: map lighting - kuniu the frogg - 05-22-2011

(05-22-2011, 10:54 AM)hutty Wrote: ps at kuniu... nice map Big Grin
that map from my example is made by cortez, not me Smile

RE: map lighting - hutty - 05-22-2011

oh... good job cortez