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Small modelling problem - ThePWTULN - 05-28-2011

(Pun intended)

I've been trying to create a simple box md3 model for an experiment. Here it is in blender:

[Image: me1n26pd7pyphftowuy_thumb.png]

The md3 export was fine, but when I open it up in Xonotic it becomes really small:

[Image: yqx8bzipm8ukrk6471_thumb.jpg]

The thing circled in red is my model, but I need it to be the same size as the brush that I'm standing on.

I only started learning how to use blender today, so I have no idea what's going on :/

How can I make my model bigger?

RE: Small modelling problem - sev - 05-28-2011

You can scale up your model in two ways:
- Scale it in Blender: select the model, press S, then type in the scale factor (depending on the size you want maybe something like 64 or 128). This may cause some problems in Blender (viewclipping).
- Scale it in NetRadiant: select the model, press N (to open the entities window), and enter the Key "modelscale" and the desired scale factor, for example Value "64"

RE: Small modelling problem - theShadow - 05-28-2011

it would be better to scale it in blender, methinks.

really the main issue is that the default scale in blender is much smaller than in radiant.

also, the view clip distance can be changed in blender. by default I have it set to 5000. (look under view>view properties)

RE: Small modelling problem - TH3FTB0T - 05-29-2011

For Blender, I would recommend d/l:
Reference Blocks
I typically just append the 64X64 cube w/current scene for scaling purposes.(64X64 is 64 q/u^3 btw)

RE: Small modelling problem - ThePWTULN - 06-01-2011

Thanks for the help everyone Smile