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map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Strahlemann - 06-12-2011

This is a first very early release for layout-testing purposes of my upcoming map (currently called "THAD").

It's meant to be a standard dm/tdm-map. It may also work out for duels.

So as you can tell from the screenshots it's all about the layout and movement. I also did some ( quick ) basic item-placement.
What i'd like you to do is to check this map out and give me some feedback Wink

please feel free to comment on everything regarding
- the layout in general
- ideas for the item-placement ( is the strength-powerup a good choice there, what about the shield-powerup. some more ammo? which one? weapons choice etc. )
- other stuff that pops into your mind while playing the map ( as long as it's xonotic-related of course Wink )

already known issues:
it's ugly!
leaks and some 8qu units offsets here and there (due to some upscaling i did)

DOWNLOAD (17mb due to phillipk2x-textures)


[Image: 6zd1aw8cc4uetw9o5w_thumb.jpg] [Image: fsynya0frwbfne2tp68p_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 4bp9mz3hwjxhcx5tayfv_thumb.jpg] [Image: qtvkpql0onj1w41whfz_thumb.jpg]

Ah and i nearly forgot: whoever gets what "THAD" stands for first will get a decal dedicated to his nick in the final version: yay! Wink but: only one guess per week! Tongue

1st tip: it's an acronym

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - evil_mercenary - 06-12-2011

the worst part is, i know about 4 different meanings for "THAD"... no other tips for the acronym? is it a military acronym?

for now, i'll guess: Terminal Homing Accuracy Demonstrator.

if i dont get it with this i probably wont get it at all anyways.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Lee_Stricklin - 06-12-2011

For a split second (until I took a closer look at the screens) it kinda reminded me of DM-Tempest from UT99 and UC2 (well maybe not the UC2 version).

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - CuBe0wL - 06-13-2011

Hard to tell, because most of the map is untextured, but looks promising. The architecture is really "Strahlemanny" Smile

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - PinkRobot - 06-13-2011

The Hintbrushes Are Drowning?

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Rad Ished - 06-13-2011

You know, some threads make think omg shut up about balance you people... and some make your heart leap through the roof of your mouth.
This is very much the latter Smile Smile Smile

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Friskydingo - 06-13-2011

Ah, I see that you have just begun texturing! If I see correctly, are you using PhillipK's texture pack?

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Rad Ished - 06-13-2011

If it isn't: The Hintbrushes Are Drowning, you should change it to that.
It's a bit like geocore and a bit like storm3dm3 too.
It's got nuts, now for some chocolate please.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Leeloo - 06-13-2011

I played the map and I think the game play will be great in it.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Strahlemann - 06-14-2011

@Lee_Stricklin: i hope that's a good thing!
@Friskydingo: exactly. i'm using the phillipk2x texture-set

Thanks for your feedback so far and your "THAD" suggestions (which are all wrong Wink )

If you have any suggestions on item-placement or layout changes, let me know. In this state it's much easier to change anything related to the layout then afterwards with all the detail that will be added. I'd especially appreciate some feedback regarding the powerups and weapon-placement as well as the teleporter and it's destination.
I think that maybe the area around the teleporter is a bit off and i'm open for suggestions to make this area more interesting. So far only the big armor there functions as a hotspot and the teleporter that more or less leads to the strength. Another option would be to add a hallway (instead of the teleporter) that connects the teleporter area with the strength-area.
smth. like this:
[Image: 6mdezc8umsnv6dm1xtl_thumb.jpg]

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - DiaboliK - 06-14-2011

One thing i noticed about the map, was the placment of the megarmor, megahealth, and rocketlauncher. They were all very close together but I'm not sure how that works out in gameplay because I haven't played with anyone on it. The nex is a good distance away from those items which is good.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Mirio - 06-15-2011

I would remove the three 25 Health packs which are close to one Mega Armor. The Nex is at a good spot indeed.
I'm not sure about the Shield but I think the powerups are to close to each other.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Mepper - 06-16-2011

Transient Hepatic Attenuation Differences?

I guess that's not it Tongue

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Lord Canistra - 06-16-2011

Two Horny Asian Dykes.
Check out that strange water brush in corner, not far from the strength pickup on the second screenshot.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - tZork - 06-16-2011

The Hell After Death? xD

Interesting layout, be it a tad confusing atm (with the lack of surface variation to guise you). Cant say to much abt items atm as i haven't tried it with other players.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Strahlemann - 06-16-2011

Hehe, nice one tZork and in fact somehow close but still wrong Wink
@Lord Cansitra: yep. that strange water brush is an ugly placeholder for the teleporter destination. This will get removed of course.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Ronan - 06-16-2011

I like the direct tiny path from crylink to hagar and the megahealth location with the surrounding pillar.
What is missing is a way to reach the top platform from the middle without laser jumping, so far you have to go down and use the jumppad. Also maybe add a little light edge or something like that to help the jump to the nexgun platform.
So mostly few tweaks to help moving around, but it's the kind of thing coming when adding detail anyway.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - kojn^ - 06-17-2011

Strahlemann..DM-Tempest was one of the best maps for UT..one of the best TDM maps also, although not a personal fav of mine, so it's a big compliment Big Grin

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - DebianFrag - 06-21-2011

Good map, I like to play it.

When played with bots, it seems that mostly every player always come to the lower ground and all the game is being played there.

I haven't found the Fioreball weapon !
Is it there ?

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Strahlemann - 06-21-2011

Thanks for your feedback!
@Ronan: good point. i'll add some trickjumps to reach the top there
@kojn: i'm instantly feeling honored Wink
@DebianFrag: good to hear. Bot-play hasn't been set up correctly, so this will be improved. and i don't think that i'll include the Fireball weapon. I just don't like it very much, and it better suits other gamemodes/layouts imo.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - tZork - 06-21-2011

Dont spend too much time with the bot support Strahlemann, the current state is preddy miserable and will need some sort of fixing soon - so things may change in mappers regard there.

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Strahlemann - 06-22-2011

ok. it will be one of the last things anyways

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - MirceaKitsune - 06-25-2011

I love it! Nice work. Will wait for the latest version, posted in the Screenshots thread Smile

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - extone - 07-04-2014

Does anybody still have the map? wanna try it in warxon

RE: map - THAD ( alpha 1 ) - Mirio - 07-04-2014

(07-04-2014, 08:42 AM)extone Wrote: Does anybody still have the map? wanna try it in warxon