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start xon with argument? - Leeloo - 06-13-2011

1-I'd like to know if we can start Xon with an argument like '-fs_game' to get into a specific map without use a second step using the console? I mean starting Xon something like that: xonotic-glxblabla '-devmap mynewmap'. I know I will probably have to modify a little bit the starting script xonotic-glx to pick $1 the argument I'am looking for.
I want to put the command in a script shell.

2-Do I have to update netradian on a regular base?

Do'nt laugh about the way I express myself :-)

RE: start xon with argument? - Spaceman - 06-14-2011

./all run +map afterslime

./all run +cvar_name1 value +cvar_name2 value

./xonotic-glx +cvar_name1 value +cvar_name2 value

The extra arguments are passed by ./all and by the start up scripts.

RE: start xon with argument? - CuBe0wL - 06-14-2011

Another way to launch the game with glx binary:

./all run glx