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Shotgun Tutorial - Antibody - 06-16-2011

We're very happy to release the first in our series of video weapon tutorials! This week we'll learn how to make good use of the shotgun and its melee capability:

As always, join us on the forums or on IRC (#xonotic on Quakenet) for more information. Happy fragging!

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - chooksta - 06-16-2011

yay! ftt!

good uncle anti



RE: Shotgun Tutorial - Rage_ATWM - 06-16-2011

High quality vid!
Looks great.

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - naryl - 06-16-2011

> AT Corp


Please, don't remove the AT reference.

> It can happen that the shotgun falling out of your enemy's hands can still hit you.

That's one of the best examples of turning a bug into a feature. :D

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - CuBe0wL - 06-17-2011

(06-16-2011, 08:10 AM)naryl Wrote: That's one of the best examples of turning a bug into a feature. Big Grin

I still think that title goes for strafe jumping and bunny hopping Wink
Also, a little insider fact: the whole video was staged, voices recorded, , and rendered in only 3 days (working time spent, actual was around one week due of timezone mismatching and IRL duties).
Also, I'll create a ticket for every video from now on on the redmine tracker, so anyone who'd like to take part in acting can valunteer for future videos.
I plan to release a new video in every 2 weeks or so.

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - FruitieX - 06-17-2011

Agree with both statements by naryl Big Grin

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - kojn^ - 06-19-2011

Great video, even if experience player's don't need it...it still highlights the game, is well made, looks great and the overall feel is high quality, if anything it gives off a 'that looks cool' factor which helps attract new players also.

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - Halogene - 06-20-2011

Very cool.

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - master[mind] - 06-23-2011

Solid promotional tutorial! I like!

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - noobermin - 06-23-2011

*pokes head out*
uhm...so that means we're not taking the melee out? :3
*dodges beer bottle*

EDIT: but yeah, i like the video.

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - CuBe0wL - 06-24-2011

We'll continue the videos, but FruitieX is on holiday for a week or so. Stay tuned!

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - Squigger - 06-24-2011

what weapon do you guys plan on doing next?

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - CuBe0wL - 06-24-2011

It seems it'll be the electro.

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - mood - 10-02-2011

Great vid, serves purpose, well made, good voice over Big Grin
But, uh, one suggestion: how about you compare the damage with other guns next time? Maybe something like "at close range, the shotgun is actually stronger than the rifle or nex gun" (I don't know if that's true or not :p)
I just feel like if I'm going to post, I should give constructive criticism, not just say "yeah, man, you're so cool" (even if it's true ;D)

RE: Shotgun Tutorial - Samual - 10-02-2011

BTW.... I recoded the shotgun secondary tracing method. The old one was actually very broken, and quite often was hard to use.

The new one should be much more consistent and accurate, and it should be easier to use for everyone ^_^