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Sound not precached - Leeloo - 06-19-2011

Hello, I work on a my first map and it is almost done. I have an error message when playing it an it say "sv_soundtrack (map/.../sound.waw"):not precached (fix your code), precaching anyway.
I opened the .map file and I searched in the code about the sound and I compared with another sound code I have in the file but I have not seen nothing wrong.
I do not know what to do!

RE: Sound not precached - divVerent - 06-20-2011

Can you upload your map? Ideally, the compiled bsp too.

RE: Sound not precached - Leeloo - 06-20-2011

(06-20-2011, 09:07 AM)divVerent Wrote: Can you upload your map? Ideally, the compiled bsp too.

Here we are:
The file:
The folder contening the file if the link up here does not works:

The event happen when we shoot the triger up over the towers or the laser barre in the cage.

(I did not know we can attach a file here, just see that[attachment=431])
Sorry, I should have just post the .map and the .bsp files !

RE: Sound not precached - cushinga - 07-12-2021

It happens on the default maps too for me...
Might be server lag.