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RE: Heavy Metal - hutty - 08-14-2011

I looked at it...

I havent played any of the older versions (with the exception of an online session (but that was when you still had the hlac))

my impressions...

Love the detail and the electric shocky stuff Big Grin
The mirrored glass looks cool too...
I don't know much about trick jumps, so cant help you there
Also I dont know why everyone wants it "connected" having the top and bottom separate is just fine.
I want the hlac back ): (but then... who listens to me... i would like 3 weapons for every number (or more))
Variation in tower height would be nice (no need to rise the artificial ceiling )

Played with bots (and lost by 2 points (so sad)) it plays well

Over all very nice map

if my blerb didn't help you (it probably didn't) just remember this

You map is Heavy Metal
NOT Strength for xonotic

so dont be pressured into making it a clone of Strength.

RE: Heavy Metal - Maddin - 08-15-2011

I´m glad to read this nice comment! Thank you! Smile

RE: Heavy Metal - Cyber Killer - 09-21-2011

Great map, this one stays in my collection for sure!

RE: Heavy Metal - Maddin - 09-21-2011

Thank you! Smile

RE: Heavy Metal - lda17h - 09-25-2011

just wanted to chime in that this is a really fun map. and it looks great, too Big Grin

RE: Heavy Metal - Maddin - 09-27-2011

Thank you too! Smile

An updated version is now available with an overdone item-placement. At every server-host, please update the map on your server(s)!

RE: Heavy Metal - It'sMe - 10-02-2011

(09-27-2011, 10:50 AM)Maddin Wrote: An updated version is now available with an overdone item-placement. At every server-host, please update the map on your server(s)!

Please, use different pk3 file names for different versions of your map!

You cannot expect that all servers are using the same version if you released different ones.
Also it is not enough if servers update the map... also all clients have to delete their old version in their dlcache..

If clients have a heavy_metal.pk3 folder in their dlcache, they will not download a new file with the same name...

So your problem is:

Server A uses version 1
Server B uses version 2

If a clients connects to Server A he downloads version 1 and this could cause that this client cannot play the map in server B which uses Version 2

And if a client has a older version 0 in its dlcache it cannot play on both servers properly until he deleted it...

RE: Heavy Metal - Mepper - 10-03-2011

And then you have players like me wjo do not have dlcache. I can't delete msps, so please give it a slightly other name.

Otherwise I get the same as in Above, were I van walk on all the towers, but only see two of them.

RE: Heavy Metal - Maddin - 10-03-2011

Ok, sure thing. I´m sorry that it caused so many trouble, I thought it would be just deleting the old file and replacing it with the new one. Well, seems like I´m wrong. Now it´s named "heavy_metal_final".

RE: Heavy Metal - Mepper - 10-03-2011

Just call it Medarbah.

Problem solved.

RE: Heavy Metal - Maddin - 10-03-2011

Everything? Or just the pk3 package?

Anyway, I will send a merge-request that this map will be one of the official maps, then this whole trouble is gone.

RE: Heavy Metal - It'sMe - 10-03-2011

a renamed pk3 file is enough
all other files, also the bsp, can use the same name like before

RE: Heavy Metal - Maddin - 10-03-2011

Ok thanks for the hint. Then it should work now.

RE: Heavy Metal - Halogene - 10-05-2011

I like the map, too, except that I would love some more ramp jumps in the main room (from the center platform to the higher level on the sides) and I feel there should be a possibility to escape from the lower level / basement to the main room without using a laser or a jump pad (possibly with trickjumps - but NOT with a ladder, I have very painful experiences with ladders). The map is pretty as it is, but for the sake of fun gameplay there should be a bit more trick moves imho.

Have I mentioned that I am very fond of trick jumps?