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black screen and lockup on start - noteven - 07-19-2011

i am using windows7 with a geforce gtx 640 (768mb)

the system practically has everything up to date, drivers etc.

still my PC just locks up ans gives me a black screen as soon as i start a Xonotic executable (doesn't mind whether SDL or not).

..the only thing left to do then is to press restart button.

I had some hope this would have changed with all the new builds, but the bug is happening all the same from first pre-release-builds to the most recent autobuild i just tried.

so if you have any clue of what might be the problem, please tell me.

maybe there is something to have some Log-file generated for analysis or such? i dont know.. pls tell.

TY, nosound/noteven

RE: black screen and lockup on start - noteven - 07-22-2011

Well.. not much of a reply here ;-/

You know, is there any way i may be of help in solving this problem?

For example, different command-line-switches or logging possibilities?
If you want a screenshot, - it's black.

Any other game i tested works as expected, the predecessor Nexuiz also runs perfectly fine.

RE: black screen and lockup on start - divVerent - 07-22-2011

Try the option -safe

Also, try checking if you have the current video drivers installed?

RE: black screen and lockup on start - noteven - 07-23-2011

thank you, everything is a as recent as possible.

i now had the late but clever idea to replace the out-of-the-box Xonotic config.cfg with the one from good ol' Nexuiz.
This worked, looking strange; - but it works, fullscreen or not.
Now i don't know WHY the problem occurred, but it is fixed now..

thank you,
noteven / nosound