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Singleplayer Story Mod - darthlukan - 08-10-2011

I searched the forums and saw a hint of a singleplayer campaign similar to Nexuiz, but not an actual Story Mod similar to say Duke Nukem or any other FPS that follows a storyline.

I'm not the best coder on the planet (I do little things in Python and create spins for a few well known Linux Distros every once in a while when they need graphics driver help), but I'm a mean writer Smile

If anybody would like to help with the maps/levels based on my storyboards/"quest lines", please let me know. I don't want to begin writing a ton of stuff up just to have nobody there to help put together even a proof of concept level.

I was thinking something simple, build up a base of Lore for the game, in-game stuff would not need recorded voices at first, and give it enough room for the story to expand and accept new writers who may be interested in various story arcs.

Please let me know if you are interested. I'm not the greatest at maintaining visibility on forums in general, but if you are on google+ or feel like sending me an email, my email is publicly visible on these forums.

Just in case you can't see my email address, it's:


It's tied to my Droid Inc, so it goes directly to my cell.

I look forward to helping out however I can, hopefully we can get rolling on something soon. I'm a student at ITT-Tech studying Software Development with a focus in Linux OS Development, so I have plenty of time on my hands (I don't work).



RE: Singleplayer Story Mod - Minkovsky - 08-10-2011

I'm happy to inform you that there are, indeed, plans to create a single player mode. We're just waiting for 1.0 feature freeze. For the lack of better structure, I consider myself a coordinator, though other people are also involved, such as ThePWTULN and Ranierz.
The story is more or less done, although feedback is appreciated. It's somewhere around here.

RE: Singleplayer Story Mod - thorn3001 - 08-10-2011

single player!!!!!!!!!! up!!!!!

RE: Singleplayer Story Mod - ThePWTULN - 08-11-2011

Basically, we're in a catch-22 situation - in order to get this project off the ground we'll need a team of dedicated developers, but the project has to be seen to be going somewhere to attract these very developers.

Like Minkovsky said, those of us interested in a story mode are waiting for Xonotic's first full release. There's no point doing any serious work (beyond writing the story) until we get 1.0 to work from as a foundation.